WA School Gave First Graders Worksheet Listing Identities of “Both” or “Neither” Genders

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

A school in Washington state is under fire after children were reportedly given a worksheet which listed some gender identities as “both” or “neither” gender.

According to a social media post from a parent, students at Edmonds School District (ESD) were given access to a flowchart activity which broke down gender in more than non-binary terms, with corresponding potential pronouns.

“My sons first grade assignment from yesterday. Edmonds School District, WA state. I’m so sick of this,” the parent wrote.

She added that “for those who think this is just about “’grammer’, [sic]. The children were told that they can choose to be a ‘boy’, a ‘girl’, a ‘boy and girl’, or ‘neither boy or girl’ is only confusing children, and encouraging them to lie. 6 & 7 year olds! Not OK.”

According to The National Desk, the assignment also reportedly directed students to “create a snowperson that is an example of how you identify yourself” and asked them to explain their chosen identities.

The lesson also allegedly endorsed a children’s book on “the nonbinary experience” which was done through an “accessible fictional narrative” as well as one that was offered to “keep the conversations” of the lesson on pronouns “alive” and to “break down assumptions of who is ‘she’ or ‘he’ and expand beyond the binary to include ‘they’ and more.”

In response to inquiry, the school district told The National Desk that it “is required to teach state standards.”

This comes amid widespread national debate over the conflicting roles of parents and schools in the lives of young children when it comes to teaching gender identity, with Florida’s sex ed bill restricting teachers from giving sexuality education to children grades three and younger sparking protest from LGBT rights advocates.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, meanwhile, has declared this year the “Year of the Parent” in the Sunshine State as he and Florida Republicans work on one of the top policy issues the national GOP has been focused on as the November midterm elections approach.

Last year, now-Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ran a successful campaign against Democrat former Governor Terry McAuliffe during which the two clashed over parental rights in the classroom.

Youngkin heavily promoted parental rights in schools as McAuliffe catered strongly to the rights of schools to determine what is best for children to learn. Virginia’s Fairfax and Loudoun Counties have seen some of the country’s highest-profile conflicts between parental rights activists and school board members, with Loudoun’s board members under fire over a female student’s rape in the girls’ room by a reportedly “gender fluid” male student.

In Fairfax County, the school board opted to keep books containing graphic sexual content and mentions and depictions of illicit pedophilic sex on high school library shelves after a mom read aloud from the vulgar books at a school board meeting, an incident that went viral.

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