Waitress Cries Sexism When Her Female Manager Asks Her To Put On A Bra

Those that constantly walk around looking for signs of discrimination often find it.


That’s not because they come across more discrimination than others, but rather because their minds are so consumed with the concept of discrimination that they see it even when it’s not there.

For example, if you’re an employe that’s improperly dressed for a shift, you can expect your manager to have something to say about it. Can a situation like that really be considered discrimination?

According to this waitress at East Side Mario’s in Timmins, Ontario, it certainly can.

As Louder with Crowder explains, “One waitress is accusing her manager of sexism after being asked to wear a bra.”

It gets better. The manager in question is also a female, and she called out the offending employee for leaving little to the imagination.

“She like literally was looking right at my breasts and said, ‘Well, Gen, I can clearly see that you’re not wearing a bra and that you have nipple piercings,’” the waitress said, according to Louder with Crowder.

As the waitress sees it, the fact that customers could be seriously put off by her appearance is irrelevant. The bigger issue is that she feels violated.

“It’s a violation of my rights as a person to dictate my undergarments,” she said, adding that “It was a really sexist thing to do,” Louder with Crowder explains.

The manager would point out that customers had complained, and a co-worker also took issue with the way she came to work.

Laughably, the waitress has gone public with her story in an attempt to portray herself as a victim. As such, she has done more harm than she can comprehend to an issue that she claims to be so passionate about.

Apparently that’s ok in her world – as he long as she gets the attention she so desperately craves.

Louder with Crowder