Wal-Mart Reportedly Set To Allow Employees To Display Badges With Their “Preferred Pronouns”


According to a report from The Federalist, retail giant Walmart may begin encouraging their employees to wear “flair” buttons displaying their preferred pronouns.

“The buttons, which are available for Walmart employees to purchase, are the wokest of flair for people who aren’t satisfied just doing the bare minimum,” the report states. “Four buttons have come out so far: one that says ‘He/Him/His,’ one that says ‘She/Her/Hers,’ one that says ‘They/Them/Theirs,’ and one that says ‘Ask me my pronouns.'”

Although no official statement has come from the retailer regarding the buttons and we were unable to confirm the corporate move, The Federalist does offer one piece of evidence: a photo that appears to come from a Walmart employee meeting.

Woke Walmart Introduces Pronoun Buttons For Workers

The photo shows a presentation slide that declares “This is that place where pronouns are a source of pride.” It also encourages staff to take a selfie with their pin and share it on the employee-only website.

If found to be true, Walmart’s pronoun pins wouldn’t be too great a leap from its current “inclusive” trajectory.

From its online “Pride Shop” to the establishment of Walmart PRIDE (Promoting Respect, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity), Walmart has been on the path to becoming “the most diverse, inclusive company it can be” for some time now.

“Over a decade ago, beginning with a singular focus on policy, the PRIDE group successfully impacted perceptions throughout Walmart and affected the greater community as well,” reads a segment from Walmart’s 2014 Diversity and Inclusion report. “Partnering with several external LGBT resources, including PFLAG and SAGE, the group has hosted an incredible array of events that brought in several external speakers to open lines of communication within the company.”

PRIDE also touted the retailer’s move to implement “Domestic Partner Benefits,” allowing employees to enroll their partners in benefits such as health insurance before the nationwide legalization of gay marriage in the United States.

According to the report, the Walmart Foundation has “generously funded” organizations like Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), to create SAGEWorks, a national employment support program for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people age 40 and older.

“The Walmart Foundation’s support of SAGEWorks sends a strong message to employers that valuing diversity in the workplace is important and necessary,” the report states.

Walmart has also launched “associate diversity groups” in Brazil and celebrated Summer of Pride, “during which 1,000 associates attended 25 pride events in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,” according to the report.

If you are faced with demands to use someone’s preferred pronoun in a Walmart one of these days, remember that these people need the Gospel, and they will never get it from Christians who are too afraid to speak the truth in love.

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