“Walking Dead” Actor Announces 11-Year-Old Daughter Is Now His “Son”


As parents, it is our primary job to make sure our children grow up able to cope with the realities of adulthood.

While it is only natural to hope that they are happy and healthy, as well, and to hope that they feel comfortable in their own skin.

For parents whose children face crippling mental health disorders, however, it requires tapping into those endless reserves of selfless love the good Lord equips us with to serve their every need and be there for them through thick and thin.

Unfortunately, however, parents of children who suffer from the mental illness that is gender dysphoria are now being led to “affirm” their child’s “gender identity,” subjecting them to dangerous hormone treatment and even surgery which cannot be reversed, all in the name of “treating” their mental illness.

“Walking Dead” actor Khary Payton has become the latest Hollywood celebrity to reveal that he has a child who identifies as a member of the opposite sex at the tender age of 11 years old.

LifeSiteNews reports that earlier this month, Payton announced on social media that his daughter is, well, now his son.

“This is my kid,” Payton wrote, posting a photo of the smiling child. “One of the most happy, well-adjusted individuals I’ve ever known. My son, Karter. Karter with a K because it reminded him of my name. He chose it. You see, he was born female but has always identified as a boy.”

Payton acknowledged that some may be uncomfortable with this, but that he was making the announcement because his “son” “thought it would be cool.”

If you are a parent, you know very well that just because your child thinks something might “be cool” doesn’t necessarily make it advisable, especially when it comes to sharing deeply personal issues with millions of people.

However, the actor, who plays King Ezekiel on the apocalyptic zombie series, said that despite his warning to his child that there were “a lot of jerks who would be harsh,” Karter declared that “I can handle the trolls.”

“Man, there is nothing more beautiful than watching your child feel the joy of exploring what it means to be true to themselves,” Payton continued. “This is his journey, and I am here for it. I hope you all have the opportunity to feel the unquenchable love that I am feeling right now.”

LifeSiteNews notes that the news was met with plenty of enthusiasm from Payton’s fellow celebs:

The reaction from other celebrities, of course, was predictably affirming. Mark Hamill of Star Wars offered his congratulations, and Reno Wilson of the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly responded with the confusing comment “These kids are truly amazing!! Teaching us how to be human on the regular! Let’s go Karter!” He did not explain what was “regular” about a biological girl identifying as a boy, or why gender confusion—regardless of your views on transgender ideology—is anything to celebrate.

In fact, he is far from the first actor to reveal that he has a child suffering from gender confusion:

Back in 2018, Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon happily announced the “transition” of her 21-year-old biological daughter, who became her transgender son. Then, megastar Charlize Theron made headlines for explaining that she was raising her son Jackson as a girl after he had declared he felt female. More recently, NBA All-Star Dwayne Wade told LGBT icon and TV host Ellen DeGeneres his 12-year-old son Zion was now a girl named Zaya. His wife, Hollywood actress Gabrielle Union, was as enthusiastic as he was. Trans is trendy. As usual, Hollywood is on the cutting edge.

It’s hard to fault parents who genuinely want the best for their children, but it’s also hard to endorse how these celebrities are playing a role in normalizing something that is incredibly dangerous for children.

As LifeSiteNews‘ Jonathan Van Maren explains:

an entire generation of children has become the social guinea pigs in a vast, untested experiment with catastrophic consequences. It isn’t just social conservatives like myself pointing this out, either—the BBC released a bombshell report earlier this month detailing the many concerns of staff members at a prominent gender clinic. Many of them bluntly state that they are concerned that children are being mutilated and altered for a lifetime. Liberal J.K. Rowling also expressed her concerns recently that the number of girls choosing to identify as boys is skyrocketing. Unfortunately, media reports that contradict the narrative are ignored, and prominent figures such as Rowling are loudly denounced.

Pray fervently for these children, that they can find the help they truly need and that their parents would have the boldness to face reality.

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