Washington State Dems Push Graphic, “Comprehensive” Sex Ed For Kindergarteners In Spite Of Protest


After failing to pass mandates last year, Democrats in Washington State are renewing their efforts to impose mandatory graphic sex education on public school students from kindergarten up in 2022.

According to conservative radio host Jason RantzHouse Bill 2184 was “born out of an equity issue” and sought to give all students access to information about consent as well as to actively include LGBT students.

Schools, of course, have no business teaching children about any of this! Such sensitive, personal topics deserve and require the attention only a parent can give.

Nonetheless, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction created a Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSHE) workgroup to assess the sex-ed curriculum “needs” of districts in the state.

In a survey of over 10,000 people in the state, 54 percent of respondents stated that sex ed should not be required for kindergarten through fifth grade. Unsurprisingly, the CSHE workgroup rejected the survey findings, declaring pornographic sex ed for kindergarteners to be “an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

“I think that sometimes, you know in politics and when we’re making decisions,” said State Representative Michelle Caldier (R-Bremerton) at a House Education Committee hearing, cautioning the Democrat-dominated workgroup. “It’s very easy to surround ourselves with people who just agree with us and I think that if the workgroup just had conversations and no disagreement, that really concerns me because I know there’s a lot of disagreement for that. And I would encourage you guys to go back and really listen to the people who disagree and come back with something better.”

CSHE member Susan Sellers, a teacher in the Longview School District, testified as part of the hearing for HB 2184. In defense of the curriculum spanning to the youngest elementary grades, Sellers stated that the lessons essentially consisted of such information as “dogs have puppies, cats have kittens, things like that.”

Is she lying…or illiterate? Read the curriculum for yourself and find out.

Would you want your kindergartener’s teacher explaining things like how a penis cannot accurately be called a “boner” because it doesn’t “have any bones in it”? Do your kindergarten girls need to know about their “very sensitive little area at the top called the clitoris,” especially in an open classroom?

Beyond just teaching consent, something an elementary-aged child cannot truly give, Rantz states that the curriculum “includes many of the controversial topics that doomed the bill last legislative session.”

“And it’s fueled less about meeting the sexual needs of young kids (these needs don’t exist), than it is about pushing a very specific social justice agenda on gender identity for all classrooms,” Rantz writes.

“The curriculum is aimed at being inclusive, thus it treats biology as second to identity,” Rantz continues. “For kindergarten teachers, the curriculum starts to slow-walk concepts on transgenderism, warning teachers (on page 8), ‘This lesson does, however, acknowledge that ‘there are some body parts that mostly just girls have and some parts that mostly just boys have. Being a boy or a girl doesn’t have to mean you have those parts, but for most people this is how their bodies are.’”

First graders would also be made to read “My Princess Boy” before lessons on reproduction.

Moving onto sixth grade and its curriculum on Gender Roles (page 191), teachers are cautioned:

You may notice language throughout the curriculum that seems less familiar – using the pronoun ‘they’ instead of ‘her’ or ‘him,’ using gender neutral names in scenarios and role-plays and referring to ‘someone with a vulva’ vs. a girl or woman. This is intended to make the curriculum inclusive of all genders and gender identities.

This is just the elementary and middle curriculum, and just a small portion of it. It only gets worse into high school grades, with lessons on whether or not seniors have the “right” to have sex with younger students, STD testing, and “sexually explicit media,” complete with plenty of LGBT-affirming language.

This isn’t just teaching kids about the birds and the bees—this is indoctrinating them with a dangerous, destructive ideology that promotes promiscuity and perversion.

If you are a Washington resident, it’s time to get back to work! We defeated last year’s version of this bill, we can defeat this one! Reach out to your state representative and urge them not to support HB 2184We can do this!!

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