Washington State Passes Mandatory Comprehensive Reproductive Education For Kindergarten and Up


Mandatory comprehensive sexual education for public-schooled children in kindergarten and up has officially passed in Washington State.

According to The Spokesman-Review, voters passed the referendum by 60% to 40%.

As we’ve previously reported, comprehensive sex ed has long been an objective for the state’s progressive legislators and its governor, Jay Inslee. A sex ed bill had previously passed the state legislature, but it was put to a referendum after opponents of the bill collected over 266,000 signatures.

The bill, signed by Gov. Inslee in March, will require all districts in the state to teach comprehensive sexual health education several times from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The Spokesman-Review reports that students will be “taught inclusive, age-appropriate sex ed once in kindergarten through third grade, once in grades 4-5, twice in grades 6-8 and twice in grades 9-12.”

“This is about the human rights and dignity of young people,” Courtney Normand of Planned Parenthood told the paper, declaring that it will help young people make informed decisions regarding sex. “They are deserving of honesty and inclusion.”

Opponents of the bill, of which there are many, signal something significantly more ominous.

“For the state to come in and say they know better than parents about what is age-appropriate, that in itself is inappropriate,” Anniece Barker, of A Voice for Washington Children, told the paper back in September.

Make no mistake, folks. The left—especially its public education system—will attempt to paint this as a good and necessary thing for our children.

It’s grooming, plain and simple.

Evacuate your children from these indoctrination centers before it’s too late.

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