WATCH: Attendant Asks Family to Leave Flight Over 2-Year-Old Who Wasn’t Wearing A Mask While Eating


While Spirit Airlines was notorious for dissatisfied customers long before the pandemic, the airliner has not done itself any favors in its handling of nationwide mask mandates for flights.

For the second time in a month, a member of a Spirit Airlines crew requested a family deboard the plane because their child was not wearing a mask.

In this case, the child in question was a 2-year-old who was eating a snack, Western Journal confirms, wasn’t even a violation of mask policy as children are required to wear masks unless eating.

In the now-viral video posted to Twitter, a flight attendant tells the child’s mother and father that they will need to gather their things and go due to their “non-compliance” with the mask policy.

While the father had not been wearing a mask at first, he put his on promptly. However, the attendant pointed to their child, who was seated on his 7-months-pregnant wife’s lap.

“She’s not wearing a mask,” the flight attendant can be heard saying.

The father, who was taking his mask on and off during the conversation with the flight attendant, made sure to put the mask back on. She then pointed to the 2-year-old.

“The baby?” the mother confirmed, to which the flight attended nodded an affirmation.

However, a fellow passenger pointed out, “a lot of kids aren’t wearing masks.”

“You’ve been sitting next to me. Was I wearing the mask the whole time?” the father asked those around him. “Was I wearing the mask the whole time, everybody?”

“I’ll make sure he wears it. Everything is going to be fine,” another passenger said.

“It’s not my choice. You have to take your stuff and get off,” the flight attendant said. “We’re done talking. The pilot wants you off, so you have to get off.”

The flight attendant then threatened to call the police for their—that is, the toddler’s— “noncompliance.”

“She’s a baby. She just turned 2 a month ago. She’s been trying to wear it,” the mother replied.

In another clip of the incident, the distressed father explained that his wife was pregnant and that they also had a special-needs child traveling with them.

According to the New York Post, the flight crew called the police who arrived and found the passengers deboarding. It appears law enforcement and Spirit Airlines were able to resolve the matter and the passengers were allowed to reboard. However, the crew was replaced in the process.

This comes after Spirit Airlines also tried to kick off a family whose nonverbal autistic 4-year-old failed to comply with their mask policy last month.

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