WATCH: Australian Teacher and TikToker Explains to Third Grader How Men Can Give Birth


A popular TikTok creator and grammar school teacher is raising eyebrows after posting a video in which he shared that he’d explained to one of his curious students that people who were born female could become male and, thus, give birth.

The teacher, “Mr. Luke,” shared in the video that while visiting the library with his students, one youngster found a 2010 Guinness Book of World Records which had a page titled “First Married Man to Give Birth.”

He explained that the student immediately called the teacher over, saying “Luke! Look at this!”

“And here I am thinking to myself, yes! This is going to be a wicked teaching moment,” he explained.

“So my kid’s reading this article going wait, hang on, how does a man give birth to a kid?” he continued. “So I did my absolute best to explain that clearly he was born a female but now, he didn’t really feel comfortable in that body so now he’s a male.”

“And now I just wait for their response, like, I wait for more questions. And what’d they say? ‘They look really happy in the picture.’”

“And that was the conversation,” the teacher concluded happily. “Done. Easy.”

According to his website, Mr. Luke is a third-grade teacher in Adelaide, Australia whose social media content largely centers around his life as a teacher.

H/T Todd Starnes

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