WATCH: British Student Expelled for Christian Facebook Post Wins Major Court Victory


While the case of New Zealand’s Israel Folau has garnered national attention, there is a lesser-known case of downright Christian persecution in a Western, first world country that is every bit as outrageous. And in this case, the believer doesn’t have millions of dollars or supporters in his corner. 

In the UK, as we reported in 2017, former student social worker Felix Ngole was banned from Sheffield University in 2016 for expressing his Christian views in regards to homosexuality on Facebook using a quote from the Bible.

Eternity News reports:

In 2015, he had entered into a discussion on Facebook over the imprisonment of Kim Davies[sic], the Kentucky marriage registrar jailed for refusing to issue marriage licences to same-sex couples. During a vigorous online political debate, many views were exchanged on the Christian faith. A devout Christian, Felix quoted Bible verses affirming the traditional Christian opposition to same-sex marriage and of the sinful nature of homosexual activity.

Some months later, Felix was reported anonymously to the University of Sheffield by a fellow student and was subsequently disciplined in a Fitness to Practise hearing. He was informed that he had brought the social work profession into disrepute and was then expelled from the course, losing the career he had worked so hard for.

It is obviously outrageous that the University forced Felix to endure a Fitness to Practice hearing as if his Christian views are somehow dangerous, all because the “tolerant” left does not want to hear the truth about their deviant lifestyles.

Ngole refused to take this expulsion quietly and sought legal recourse. Thankfully, he did, and as a result the UK Court of Appeal handed down a landmark judgment in his favor that will be the benchmark for hundreds of current and future cases. 

This is a huge victory for Christians!

Previously, a High Court ruled to uphold Ngole’s expulsion from the University. The ruling of the Court of Appeal overturns that decision and also confirms that Christians do have the legal right to express their beliefs without fear of being persecuted or losing their professional careers.

This is the world the left aims to create and in Ngole’s case, the anti-Christian zealots who sought to ruin his life over his public profession of faith were almost successful in doing so at his former university. 

The Eternity News report continues:

In the court hearings, the university argued that Felix had ‘lacked insight’ into the effect of his posts on social media. During his Fitness to Practise hearing, the University had told him that the expression of his Christian views was unacceptable and was effectively told either to renounce his faith or stay silent on pain of losing his career. Yet Felix says he felt he could not surrender his faith.

Luckily, the Court of Appeal found that it was, in fact, the University that was “lacking insight” by their clear misunderstanding of the Christian viewpoint.

The left constantly demonizes Christians and conservatives for holding traditional, biblical worldviews. They label us bigots and homophobes and claim we are the ones discriminating against them. It is very interesting that the court specifically addressed this very issue:

The court ruled that: “The mere expression of views on theological grounds (e.g. that ‘homosexuality is a sin’) does not necessarily connote that the person expressing such views will discriminate on such grounds.” It was further recognised that Felix had never been shown to act in a discriminatory fashion.

We must hold strong in our Christian faith, even in the face of bitter opposition. The left is not going to quietly concede and the attacks will keep coming. If we persist with prayer and faithful perseverance, we will see more victories. 

Read more about Ngole’s case here.


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