WATCH College Student Steals Pro-Life Sign, Shocked When She Gets Arrested


While even the most ardent defenders of the unborn are committed to respectful, peaceful discourse with their ideological opponents, it often seems that those on the other side are not quite as civil.

Ironically, some of the same people that often accuse pro-life advocates of stripping women of their “reproductive rights” are typically the first to demand that anyone they disagree with be stripped of their right to free speech.

Increasingly, it seems that the only liberty the left is interested in these days is the right to kill a baby.

Thankfully, we still have the rule of law in this country—for now —and  our inherent rights to call abortion what it is anywhere we have a legal right to be are still protected under the law.

Whether or not our free speech or personal property offends someone has no bearing on our constitutional rights.

A University of North Carolina student found that last one out the hard way, and it was all caught on video.

The anonymous UNC-Chapel Hill student is shown in the video shown looking at a sign being displayed by pro-life advocates, which read,  “Warning: abortion victim photos ahead” before snatching it and marching away.

The sign belongs to Created Equal, a self-described “social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time.” The activists recently shared the incredible video of the entire incident on Facebook, and it has gone viral.

A police officer was, thankfully, in the immediate vicinity and, after the activists caught his attention and got him involved, confronted and eventually apprehended the girl before she could destroy the sign.

The young woman’s clear incredulity that she can actually be arrested for stealing a sign that upsets her is both hilarious and sadly indicative of the entitled attitude of many on the left when it comes to the free speech of those with whom they disagree.

“Did you steal the sign?” The young woman replied weakly that she  “just moved it.” She seems to believe, however, that this is a reasonable excuse.

The look on the officer’s face when he has to explain that she took the sign is absolutely priceless.

As the officer gains more information about the incident, he asks the girl exactly why she stole the sign.

Her response? The sign, not the men holding it or speaking to other students but the sign itself “restricts women’s rights.”

Yes, that’s right.

An inanimate object conveying a simple message apparently has the power to restrict a woman’s right to get an abortion. Seemingly realizing the asininity of her defense, the girl stammers that Created Equal is “promoting lies on a college campus,” as if she expects the officer to arrest the men for a thought crime.

What color is the sky in her world?

The girl then proceeds to argue with the officer after he informs her that she is being detained for larceny in a dialogue that brings a moment of hilarity to this mind-boggling incident:

Right now you’re being detained, okay?

Detained for what?

Uhh, larceny? You stole his sign.

He has it back!

Okay, yeah, because I got it from you!

I moved it fifty yards!

I don’t care if you moved it one foot, you don’t have a right to take someone’s property. Okay? Period.

While the officer awaits confirmation from dispatch before making the arrest, the girl continues to plead with him, blaming pro-life advocates for “women having such a problem getting abortions in North Carolina” while police “let them get away with this s**t.”

The officer, whose hand I’d love to shake, follows through with the arrest after the girl repeatedly demonstrates that she has no remorse for the theft.

“I cannot believe this is happening,” the girl said, shocked that reality just isn’t on her side here. “Is there something else that I can do?”

“No, I just told you you’re under arrest,” replied the officer, “I cannot un-arrest you.” Ha!

Folks, this is what the early stages of a totalitarian mindset looks like. People like this girl want to eradicate all dissent, and she’s definitely not the only one. There are people far more powerful than she is who would happily erase the rights of all such “thought criminals” if they could.

It has never been more urgent that we defend our rights to free speech—and thank the people who tirelessly defend it—than it is now.


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