WATCH: Democrat VA House Delegates Walk Out As Pastor’s Prayer Condemns LGBT Agenda, Abortion


America is in dire need of prayer. Our culture has fallen to the depths of Sodom and Gomorrah, if not further. While there is nothing more powerful than the prayer of the faithful, what our nation also needs are bold people of faith who are willing to stand up and pointedly condemn sin.

We have been following the rise of secular leftism in Virginia,  so we were particularly encouraged to see one brave pastor recently stand before elected officials in the Virginia House of Delegates and deliver a prayer that absolutely smoked the raging immorality it’s leftist members are trying to promote. And the response was exactly what you’d expect from people whose hearts are cold and shut off to the Word of God.

Rev. Dr. Robert M. Grant Jr. of The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton was invited by Del. Michael Webert (R-Fauquier) to open the session in prayer on Tuesday. Rather than a tame prayer over the work the delegates are doing,  Grant decided to take things in a very different direction, boldly condemning gay marriage and abortion.

According to The Blaze, during the  prayer, Grant appealed to the chamber full of elected officials to abide by the principles God has laid out for us in the Bible and not to “provoke” God’s “anger and bring wrath upon” the state of Virginia:

…“Why are there so many abortion facilities near African-American communities? This is planned urban genocide … this needs immediate attention.”

At one point someone hollered “amen” apparently in support of Grant’s points.

The pastor also asked the body to protect “biblical traditional marriage, as God instructed the first man and the first woman in the Bible,” warned them to “never rewrite what God has declared,” and stated that marriage is between biological males and biological females.

We also say “amen” to Grant’s powerful words and his courage in standing before these delegates to bring this message! 

Naturally, Democrats reacted by walking out and even shouting at Grant. One delegate from the Democratic side of the chamber yelled out “Is this a prayer or a sermon?” What’s more, as The Virginia Mercury reported that the prayer was abruptly cut off by Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn (D-Fairfax) who banged her gavel and moved right into leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Afterward, Democrats were quite clear how they felt about the controversial benediction,  saying it was a departure from the normal opening prayers given by guest clergy.

“It was totally disrespectful to all of us, all of us in this House,” said Del. Luke Torian, D-Prince William, who is a pastor himself.

“In many ways it felt like condemnation,” Del. Delores McQuinn (D-Richmond) said.

“Most of the clergy that come here have been very respectful of the opportunity extended to them,” Torian said. “And every now and then you get someone that goes off the rail.”

For his part, Grant is standing by his remarks, calling  called the Dems’ response “unprofessional.”

“I think that the statehouse belongs to all the citizens. And all the citizens have a voice,” Grant said. “If it’s my turn to have a voice, and I am a pastor, what do you expect from me? If you don’t want to hear what a pastor has to say, then don’t invite one.”

Grant makes a valid point. Aren’t these elected officials there to serve at the will of the people whom they represent? Is the House of Delegates not a building for the people? Despite the fact that not all of their constituents voted for them, they still have a responsibility to be the people’s voice. That’s literally the very foundation of our republic. However, Democratic lawmakers are not interested in representing anyone with opposing viewpoints to their own.

Sadly, even some Republicans spoke out against the prayer saying they felt the tone was inappropriate.

“I don’t know if he was ill-instructed or didn’t realize what he was here to do,” said Del. Matt Fariss, R-Campbell. “This wasn’t the place or the time to do all of that. … This is a time we need to be working together and not being divisive.”

We think this was exactly the time and the place for “all of that.” Now more than ever lawmakers need to hear the truth about what God says and the danger they are in by promoting the LGBT agenda and advancing the cause of abortion.

God is not mocked and in His time, He will deliver punishments for those who have attempted to make a mockery of His Word. Democrats would be wise to tune in the next time a man of faith is trying to warn them of the potential consequences of their actions.

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