WATCH: Disneyland’s Shocking Tribute to the Lord Jesus Christ


From the White House to Disneyland, the atheists’ war on Christmas seems to be coming to an end, at least in this current climate.

For decades, Christians have been brow-beaten by atheists who want to enjoy all the food, fun, and presents of Christmas without being bothered by the terribly inconvenient fact that it honors the birth of the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for their sins.

Of course, they couldn’t just ignore this fact without also loudly demanding that Christians remain silent on it as well, and stop saying “Merry Christmas”, erecting nativity scenes, and acknowledging any trace of the reason for the season: Christ Himself.

Well, Chris Hemsworth joined a surprising tribute to the reason for the season in Disneyland’s annual Christmas ‘Candlelight Celebration’ this year by reading aloud from the Gospel of Luke.

You can’t hear all the liberal heads exploding in nearby Hollywood in this video, but one can be sure it was epic!

The Daily Wire describes the event:

Accompanied by a live, 50-piece orchestra, nearly 600 voices sang to the tune of such classic Christmas carols as “Silent Night.” The on-hand talent came from visiting schools and churches as well as an all-volunteer Disneyland Cast Choir and the Walt Disney Studios Cast Choir.

“The ceremony started with the choir, holding battery-powered candles, hence the name, walking down Main Street U.S.A. while singing Christmas carols,” reports [The SVG Tribune]. “When they reached Town Square, they climbed the steps in front of the Main Street train station for the Disneyland Railroad and up onto a variety of risers, including a section where they formed a ‘Living Christmas Tree.'”

When the voices quieted down, Chris Hemsworth took the stage to narrate from Luke’s gospel. Regular visitors were invited to stand around Town Square while guests from local charities were given special seats.

The tradition, which has miraculously survived this long, features just two performances on both Saturday and Sunday night in the first weekend of December.

This is an incredibly significant event. Disney is certainly a brand that has previously had no problem happily bowing down to the aggressive PC agenda of the entertainment industry and few brands are willing to make such an open acknowledgment of the existence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It just goes to show that no matter how much liberals try to suppress the true meaning of Christmas and Christ’s Lordship over all creation, His light is far too bright to shine.

Chris Hemsworth isn’t exactly known for being an outspoken Christian, in fact, he received criticism for telling his daughter she could be “whatever she wanted to be” when she was 2-years-old and said she wanted to be a boy.

But hey, if God can speak through a donkey, why can’t He use a leftie Austrailian actor to remind people exactly Who we honor this time of year?