WATCH: Doctor Slams “Atrocious” Discussions About Denying Care to the Unvaccinated


A Canadian critical and palliative care doctor took to Twitter last week to scornfully rebuke discussions he’s seen about denying medical care to the unvaccinated, explaining that this kind of callous attitude towards a person’s individual health choices isn’t why he got into medicine.

This suggestion is “wrong,” Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng said in a video posted to his Twitter account, as Faithwire reported.

“I think it’s creating mistrust. I think it’s divisive. I think it’s creating more tribalism and it, to me, is the last thing we need,” he explained, passionately declaring that he “hates” the idea of denying care to someone based on vaccine status.

“We need to be clear in our messaging, he explained, arguing that the medical community should promote the “magic” of the vaccines which he believes can “prevent you from landing in hospital, and ICU, and dying.”

Kyeremanteng explained that he emphatically supports vaccination and thinks his patients should all be vaccinated, but that he thinks they shouldn’t smoke or do drugs either but if they end up in his care, he will still do everything he can to help them.

“When you come to my ICU, I treat you the same,” he said. “We hustle. We do what we can to serve and get you through your illness. And to think that we would do anything less because of your vaccine status is atrocious. It is absolutely atrocious.”

He went further, admonishing viewers that it “would be extremely shameful to even think that’s a consideration within our society,” declaring we “are better than this.”

Earlier this month, a Canadian newspaper ran a front-page piece about the growing animosity towards the unvaccinated, featuring comments from people who believed that the unvaccinated should be given care only when doctors and nurses had first attended to vaccinated COVID-19 patients.

Last week, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that hospitals should deny care to people who resisted the vaccine, joking “rest in peace, wheezy.”

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