WATCH: Drag Queen Story Hour Now Offers “Dragtivity Book” For Kids, Promoted By Therapist In Drag


If you’re a parent of questionable moral character who wishes to forever traumatize your child by exposing him or her or they or xhey to disturbing gender theory and the “art” of drag but are unable to attend a Drag Queen Story Hour event in person, you’re in luck!

From the deviant minds behind the perverse events sweeping libraries across the nation comes “The Dragtivity Book,” so your child can get be indoctrinated into the cult of “inclusivity” and sexual sin in the comfort of your own home!

This isn’t satire, folks. These people really made a workbook for kids so parents and teachers can be better equipped to show kids the ropes of debauchery and perversion. Pardon the sarcasm, but sometimes I can’t help it. This is so wildly insane—if you don’t laugh, you might just cry.

According to the Drag Queen Story Hour website:

The Dragtivity Book is an educational tool for engaging kids in conversation about gender and identity. Kids often have questions after attending DQSH events, and sometimes parents and educators don’t have all the answers. We created The Dragtivity Book in conjunction with Mor Erlich, creator of Sez Me—the acclaimed LGBTQ multidisciplinary educational program for all ages—to help kids and adults continue to explore topics of gender and identity together.

Featuring 20 pages of fun and educational activities such as “find your own drag name,” “circle your pronouns,” and “match the styling objects,” The Dragtivity Book gives kids an introduction to the art of drag to help them to unpack stereotypes and see beyond the gender binary in the world around them.

“Circle your pronouns”? Oh my word.

But wait, there’s more!

Parents don’t get to have all the fun, the site adds. For educators, they’ve put together a handy-dandy lesson plan video to help engage kids in conversations about gender and identity. Because that’s exactly what kids need at a young age, to have their minds filled with imaginary pronouns, sexual orientations, and to have the gender binary chains broken off of their impressionable young minds.

Watch the video, presented by Leon Silvers, a psychotherapist whose drag persona is “Pink Freud,” but be sure to grab a bucket or a bag in case you start to feel sick:

Silvers notes that the book encourages adults to refer to children as “drag berries” in order to avoid gendered terms like “boys and girls” and compares them to actual berries, of which there are myriad different kinds, not just a binary of two. Because sex and species are totally the same thing, apparently? Funny how actual plants only come in “male” and “female,” you know, like virtually every other living thing on the planet, but I digress.

When asking children what a drag queen is, Silvers reminds event hosts to “affirm and validate” whatever answers the children give you, before explaining to them that drag is “when you become your favorite made-up character,” evoking thoughts of Super Mario and Queen Elsa in the minds of their young audience.

A drag queen, Silvers continues, is a “character you create to express your feminine side, or any other side of yourself you would like to explore.” But, wait, so gender stereotypes actually mean something? I thought it was a meaningless social construct? Pick a lane, people!

This is so incredibly predatory, people. These “educators” are using the same grooming tactics a pedophile would—making a fun game of the perverted activity, luring children with cartoon characters—it’s sick!

Thankfully, the video appears to have only been viewed 49 times, including my own reluctant viewing for this article, so we can infer that not too many people have imposed this garbage on children in their care.

Nonetheless, this resource is out there, and if we utilize public libraries and schools, we must be on high alert to keep it away from our children.

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