WATCH! Girl Babies Who Rip Out Hair Barrettes are Really Transgender?


Has this woman lost her marbles?

Excuse me while I explode into a rage of common sense, parenting know-how, and respect for science, but what in the world did I just hear?

Diane Ehrensaft is one of the top pediatric “gender therapists” in the United States and she literally has no idea what she’s talking about! As a mom of 10 children I know more about parenting than Diane-pediatric-gender-therapist-Ehrensaft. No I didn’t go to 7 years of college for a therapy degree, but I’ve been parenting for 19 years, and most parents will tell you that almost all of their daughters rip barrettes out of their hair and almost all boys try to unbutton their onesies. It’s perfectly normal. There! That’ll be $250 for my astute gender diagnosis.

  • Girls that rip barrettes out of their hair are supposed to be boys?
  • Boys who unsnap their onesies were assigned the wrong gender at birth?
  • Female babies who can barely talk and say “I boy” are signaling to us that they should really have a penis instead of a vagina?

For the love of all that’s intelligent, please, someone institutionalize this woman! She is a danger to society.

Can you believe this woman actually treats pediatric patients? This so-called doctor should have her medical license revoked and be confined to a straitjacket onesie with copious amounts of barrettes in her hair for her reckless counsel to parents.

I’m sick of today’s children being used as guinea pigs for leftist gender social engineering. Ignore these kooks! Raise your boys to be boys and your girls to be girls.

Please share with the hashtag #GenderInsanity.