WATCH: Here’s What Elizabeth Warren Had to Say to 9-Year-Old Transgender Child at Last Week’s CNN Town Hall


The left’s willingness to exploit children to further their agenda knows no bounds. This was made shockingly clear at last week’s  CNN LGBT town hall event for the Democratic primary candidates. 

At the event, a mother and her young child were ushered into the spotlight when the child addressed candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), saying, “My name’s Jacob, and I’m a nine-year-old transgender American.”

Nine years old—can you believe it? This poor girl is just nine years old, yet her prepubescent rejection of her biological gender is so readily affirmed and celebrated by these sycophants. How heartbreaking!   

“All right, Jacob!” Warren praised the confused little girl, erupting into applause alongside the audience.

“Jacob” proceeded to ask Warren what she’d do in her first week as president to make transgender kids “feel safer in schools” and what “schools need to do better so I don’t have to worry about anything but my homework.”

“Oh, I like that question, Jacob! Let me start by saying I want to have a secretary of education that who both believes in public education and believes in the value of every one of our kids and is willing to enforce our civil rights laws,” Warren responded, according to The Washington Examiner

“We’ve had some secretaries of education who’ve been better, and we’ve had one that’s been a whole lot worse. Her name is Betsy DeVos. So, when I’m president, she’ll be gone,” she continued.

Warren continued to lay down a thick layer of pandering, telling the child that she wanted her personal consultation in picking the next Secretary of Education.

“I want to make sure that the person I think is the right secretary of education meets you and hears your story, and then I want you to tell me if you think that’s the right person and then we’ll make the deal,” she said.

Naturally, the incident prompted scorn on social media.

“‘Hi, my name is Jacob, and I’m a 9-year-old transgender American…’” wrote The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles. “The CNN producers who chose to exploit this child on national television are some truly sick monsters.”

“Hey! Hi. This mother is abusing her daughter, and Elizabeth Warren & CNN are applauding it,” posted Blaze TV’s Allie Beth Stuckey.

Warren’s policy discussion, as you’d expect, did not get any better as the town hall went on.

Flip-flopping from a previous stance on the issue, Warren declared that criminals in prison are “entitled” to taxpayer-funded gender reassignment surgery.

“It was a bad answer [at the time]” Warren said of her past position. “I believe that everyone is entitled to medical care and medical care that they need and that includes people who are transgender who, um, it is time for them to have [transgender] surgery. I just think that’s important.”

In her “Plan For LGBTQ+ Rights And Equality” released last week, Warren vowed to “direct the Bureau of Prisons to end the Trump Administration’s dangerous policy of imprisoning transgender people in facilities based on their sex assigned at birth.”

This would directly result in female inmates being housed in facilities with biological men. That’s sure to end well, right?

Warren also expressed willingness to decriminalize “sex work,” or, as people with any moral competency call it, prostitution.

“I am also open to decriminalizing sex work. Sex workers, like all workers, deserve autonomy and are particularly vulnerable to physical and financial abuse and hardship,” the plan states.

Lord help us if this woman is elected!

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