WATCH: “Jessica” Yaniv Caught On Film Assaulting Yet Another Journalist


Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv’s socially elevated status as a transgender person in the leftist dystopia of Canada has continuously allowed evidence that he is a predator to be overlooked by authorities.

After the British Columbia native assaulted yet another journalist on camera and bragged about it on Twitter, hopefully that will begin to change.

In a series of videos posted on Twitter by Rebel News journalist Keean Bexte, Yaniv can be seen chasing, punching, and harassing Bexte outside a provincial courthouse in Surrey.

Bexte who was leaving the courthouse after appearing to answer for two prohibited weapons charges stemming from an incident last year in which Yaniv flashed an illegal stun gun in an interview with transgender conservative commentator Blaire White. If found guilty, Rebel News reports, Yaniv could be sentenced to up to six months for each charge.

In the first video, Bexte approaches Yaniv, asking if he will be pleading guilty, at which point Yaniv immediately beings chasing Bexte off before grabbing at him and hitting him in the head.

Warning, the video contains offensive language:

Ironically, Yaniv continues shouting at Bexte to get away from him, all the while following him and continuing to hit him.

The Post Millennial senior editor Cosmin Dzsurdzsa was also nearby and caught a snippet of the incident on camera as well. Bexte retweeted the clip, noting that it was about five or six seconds before “the initial thump to the back of the head”:

In a tweet later that night, Yaniv wrote, “a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do,” seemingly referring to his attack on Bexte.

“I’ve never seen a girl hit like that,” Bexte responded, stating that Yaniv is “more manly than most men, and you belong behind bars. I’ll be seeing you in court, and I’ll visit you in prison. No tampons in mens prison! Sad!”

It might not be that simple, however.

Don’t get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believe Yaniv belongs behind bars for his past history of physically assaulting reporters, sexually harassing minors, asking for tips on “helping” young girls insert tampons, attempting to host topless swim parties with children, and abusing the court system to try to force female estheticians to wax his male genitalia (yes, he’s a very busy man).

Identifying as a supposed “transgender woman,” however, Yaniv is a leftist sacred cow. Do we really think that such a “progressive” nation as Canada will actually put him in a male prison?

Across the world, fully intact males—even convicted rapists—are routinely being housed in women’s prisons. And, unsurprisingly, they typically assault and rape their fellow inmates. Of course.

At a minimum, Yaniv belongs in prison. Because of his alleged delusion regarding his gender identity, however, we’re not optimistic that he’ll wind up in the right prison.

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