WATCH: Josh Hawley Tells CPAC Crowd “Our Rights Come From God, Not Google”


At the core of today’s increasingly bitter culture wars is a fundamental difference in worldview between the left’s secular humanism and moral relativity and the right’s Judeo-Christian values on which our classically liberal framers based this constitutional republic.

It is in error that we often fail to address the most important issue at the center of any debate over our rights: the origin of those rights.

The Founding Fathers, of course, believed that our rights came from God. To attribute the source of our rights to anything other than God is to put them in the hands of fallen and sinful men.

We can easily see what happens when government and Big Tech decide to play god in this sense and supersede the rights that are given to us by God and that our founding documents restrict the state from infringing upon.

One of the GOP’s most vocal critics of Big Tech’s anticompetitive and censorial practices, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) reminded the crowd at this weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) of this core founding principle in the context of the conservative fight for free digital speech.

Hawley assessed that “corporations are telling people what to do; and that the “oligarchy and liberal elites” of Washington D.C. are trying to “enforce their will” on the American people, as Breitbart reported.

“Break up these large corporations, for the good of the people, break them up!” he called.

He called this the “the fight of our time – to make the rule of the people an actual thing again – to restore the sovereignty of the American people… That’s the fight of liberty. That’s the fight of human history.”

“Our rights come from God and not Google,” he declared.

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