WATCH: Lesbians Teach Birds and the Bees To Their Daughter

WATCH: Lesbians Teach Birds and the Bees To Their Daughter

Recently a video went viral of a child trying to explain how her and her siblings came to be. There’s a catch…her family has “two mommies.”

The question is whether the cute little girl’s speech is accurate and honest as her two “mommies” attempt to “educate” other children and families on how to explain a lesbian couple having children? Well the answer is “partly”. It’s the oldest manipulation trick in the book, tell a half truth.

Whoever taught Sophia the “birds and the bees” was accurate when she said that “they needed a boy” – but not in the context of needing a husband and father for their child. No. The two mommies needed his sperm. Nothing else. As if sperm were just a product to be sold. As if the second key to the wonder of reproduction is nothing more than a matter of going to the store and picking up a box of cereal. This begs the question of “What value do men hold if they are nothing more than an annoying necessity?” Are men simply a means to an end?
“A baby needs an egg and sperm to grow” is the next half truth. While I’m happy to see this family is not teaching their 7 year old the Planned Parenthood dogma that a sperm and egg creates a zygote which becomes a fetus and at birth is a baby, it is still removing the parental units from this biology lesson.
“They call this guy, at this place called a sperm donor and then they ask for sperm.” Again, not the whole truth. Calling a sperm bank can help the “family” acquire the sperm needed as if you were calling Pizza Hut and ordering a pizza. A sperm bank allows for clients to pick and choose what features, hair color, eye color, and occupation the “invisible father” (as Sophia put it) has to possibly pass down to the child. Now you’re actually custom ordering a child to your preference.
The cute little child vlogger concludes with, “The kid’s invisible father. And well that’s how they get born. The end.”

Yes, the end of the nuclear family and any respect for gender distinction! Do gay men say the same thing about women’s eggs? Are children now an accessory for those living deviant lifestyles? Do we deprive children of their mother or father for the sake of our own pleasure? Where do we draw the line between adult pleasure and child welfare?
The title of the video is “How My Two Moms Had A Baby” but in fact it should be titled “How My Two Moms Purchased My Daddy’s Sperm.” Exactly what is going to happen to the children of these “unions” when they realize they were bought and paid for like a pair of shoes?

I leave you with this quote to think about courtesy of

“I grew up with a parent and her partner[s] in an atmosphere in which gay ideology was used as a tool of repression, retribution and abuse,” wrote B.N. Klein of her lesbian mother and her series of live-in lovers. “I have seen that children in gay households often become props to be publically [sic] displayed to prove that gay families are just like heterosexual ones.”