WATCH: Moms Read Books From School Library Containing Anal Sex, Pedophilia At Board Meeting


Warning: This post contains graphic sexual descriptions, including of illegal sex acts

Two infuriated mama bears have gone viral this month after reading aloud from books available to students in their school libraries graphic, X-rated content involving anal sex and sexual relationships between men and boys.

First, in Lake Travis, Texas, former school board candidate and mom Kara Bell read aloud from the 2015 novel “Out of Darkness” which was found in the Hudson Bend Middle School library.

“’Take her out back, we boys figured, then hand on the t***ies, put it in her cornbox, put it in her cornhole, grab a hold of that braid, rub that calico,’” Bell read to the board.

“You can find that on page 39 of the book called ‘Out of Darkness,’ which you can find at Hudson Bend Middle School and Bee Cave Middle School,” she explained, as The Blaze reported. “All right, not gonna lie, had to Google ‘cornhole’ because I have the game in the back of my yard. But according to Wikipedia, ‘cornhole’ is a sexual slang vulgarism for anus. The term came into … use in the 1910s in the United States … its verb form ‘to cornhole,’ which came into usage in the 1930s, means to have anal sex.”

Addressing the board, she declared, “I do not want my children to learn about anal sex in middle school! I’ve never had anal sex! I don’t want to have anal sex! I don’t want my kids having anal sex! I want you to start focusing on education and not public health!”

Her microphone was then cut off, although she continued with her comments regardless.

“You are not public health officials; you are supposed to be educating our children! Do not teach them about anal sex!” she stated.

The book has since been pulled from Hudson Bend and Bee Cave Middle Schools and its contents reviewed, according to KXAN.

Meanwhile, a Virginia mom was stunned after she probed her child’s school library after seeing video of Bell’s comments to the school board earlier this month.

“After seeing a September 9th school board meeting in Texas on pornography in schools, I decided to check the titles at my child’s high school, Fairfax High School. The books were available, and we checked them out. Both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys,” Stacy Langton told the Fairfax County School Board last week, holding up the books she found. “The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity.”

Some of the quotes she read are stomach-churning:

“I can’t wait to have your c*** in my mouth. I am going to give you the blowjob of your life, and then I want you inside me.”

“What if I told you I touched another guy’s d***? What if I told you I sucked it? I was ten years old, but it’s true. I sucked Doug Goble’s d***, the real estate guy, and he sucked mine too.”

In jaw-dropping irony, Langton’s mic was cut off as she read the sickening quotes and she was told “I’m sorry, there are children in the audience here.”

Yes — board members were concerned that children, which the Daily Wire was told by several attendants of the meeting were not actually present, might overhear the passages read from books that were available in the high school library.

“Do not interrupt my time! I will stand here until my time is restored and my time is finished. These books are in stock and available in the libraries …” Langton hotly replied, before she was again interrupted by board members, one of whom said, “For high school students, ma’am!”

After her mic was turned off, she began to loudly read off the laws against circulating child pornography as the crowd began chanting “Go to jail!” prompting nearly all the members of the school board to leave.

Later, Karl Frisch, a board member who as The Daily Wire noted does not have any children and works to promote LGBT issues in Fairfax County schools, took to Twitter in what appeared to be a defense of the material that Langton had attacked.

“It’s not every week the School Board receives two exorcisms during public comment,” he wrote. “To be clear, nothing will disrupt our Board’s commitment to LGBTQIA+ students, families, and staff. Nothing.”

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