WATCH: More Inappropriate Touching From Joe Biden on the Campaign Trail


In spite of a half-hearted effort from the left to pull the former vice president under the #MeToo shroud of shame before he dove into the 2020 Democratic primary race for POTUS, Joe Biden continues to get away with inappropriately and awkwardly touching women and children.

In Biden’s latest bizarre display of affection, he appears to sniff a little girl’s hair and creepily whisper in her ear. It truly is cringe-inducing.

In the video, taken at a recent Iowa campaign stop, Biden is seen getting within inches of the little girl’s face while she is being held by what looks to be her father. Biden asks her how old she is to which she responds by holding her hand up to indicate she is five. Biden backs up momentarily at this point, only to resume the painfully awkward encounter by invading her personal space again.

This time, he pulls the little girl in for a hug and kiss then proceeds to say, “Let me tell you something,” then something into her ear for an uncomfortably long time before pulling finally away and saying, says, “Remember what I told you, OK?” He then chats with her father for a moment before telling her, “You got to take care of daddy…”

Joe Biden has a history of inappropriately touching women and children and he knows that it makes them uncomfortable, as he has gone as far as to joke about it in the past.

Twitter was quick to respond to this latest questionable incident: 

“Why do people bring this man their kids to touch and sniff?” asked AgoristView.

Gregory Johnson replied, “The same reason parents left their kids with Michael Jackson…they are mesmerized by star power and use their kids as bait so they can bask in the glow.”

Another Twitter user, 1UnknownSubject, remarked, “He really cannot keep his hands off the kid or nose out of their hair. Something is wrong with the guy.” Something is wrong, indeed.

“He really can’t help himself…”Jonathan Wiskee wrote.

As long as Biden continues his run for president we will likely continue to see his inappropriate and awkward touching. Women and children everywhere, be warned.

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