WATCH: PA Rep. Wendy Ullman Calls Early Miscarriage “Just Some Mess On a Napkin”


WATCH: PA Rep. Wendy Ullman Calls Early Miscarriage “Just Some Mess On a Napkin”


In a statement that reveals the left’s dehumanized view of unborn babies—not just those whose mothers don’t want them—Pennsylvania state legislator Rep. Wendy Ullman (D-Bucks)recently characterized a miscarriage is “just a mess on a napkin.”

According to the Pennsylvania Family Institute, Rep. Ullman made the vile comment during a House Health Committee meeting while expressing her opposition to House Bill 1890, which would require abortion clinics to bury or cremate the babies they murder rather than disposing of them as medical waste.

“[House Bill 1890] refers specifically to the product of conception after fertilization, which covers an awful lot of territory,” the legislator said. “I think we all understand the concept of the loss of a fetus, but we’re also talking about a woman who comes into a facility and is having cramps and — not to be, not to be, concrete — an early miscarriage is just some mess on a napkin.”

While every single baby, wanted or unwanted by its mother, has worth and is precious in the sight of their Creator, Rep. Ullman’s disgusting statement is especially painful for those who know firsthand the pain of losing a child at any stage.

Tom Shaheen, Pennsylvania Family Institute’s Vice President for Policy, sharply condemned Ullman’s coarse, insensitive language, saying, “A miscarriage, no matter how early, does not result in a ‘mess on a napkin’ but the loss of a child. Each human life deserves respect, even when lost at an early stage in development.”

“The remains of human beings should be treated better than medical waste,” continued Shaheen. “Rep. Frank Ryan’s bill is a compassionate effort to help offer some closure to many mothers and families in Pennsylvania.”

“Every Pennsylvanian should be appalled at such a heartless comment, which devalues life and ignores the pain experienced by so many women and families in Pennsylvania,” the Pennsylvania Family Institute added in a statement.

On Friday afternoon, Rep. Ullman attempted to apologize for her comments in a series of tweets:

Funny how Ullman appears to think a “loss” only has meaning after a baby has reached a certain point of gestation.

While a bill like HB 1890 will surely do nothing to stop the holocaust of the unborn in our nation, it sure is interesting to note that, according to The Daily Wire, every single Democrat on the committee voted in favor of disposing of human remains like trash. 

That, coupled with Rep. Ullman’s disgusting original comment, shows just what they think of human life.

It’s one thing for such a bill to be considered and for the remains of a miscarried or stillborn child to be treated with dignity and respect. That shouldn’t even be a debate.

What to do with the remains of aborted babies, however, should be an unthinkable question because they should never be aborted in the first place.

To simultaneously recognize the humanity of unborn children by mandated the manner in which they should be buried without fully banning their murder is a bitter and painful irony. 

Let Rep. Ullman know that not only was her assessment of the reality of early miscarriage inaccurate, hurtful, and devaluing, she is not doing her job to protect her youngest constituents. A baby whose life ends at any stage and for any reason is more than just “some mess.” It is a human life, one we must cherish and defend.

As a representative of the state of Pennsylvania, she and every other legislator bickering over this bill need to step up and put a stop to this holocaust!


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