WATCH: Panicked Texas Parents Clash With Police Amid Reported Active School Shooter


Terrified parents clashed with police outside a Texas high school this week amid reports that an active shooter was on campus.

Earlier this year, police in Uvalde, Texas took over an hour to enter an elementary school as a shooter inside slaughtered nineteen students and two teachers. As children were murdered one by one, parents were held back by police outside as they screamed for officers to enter the building.

This was clearly on the minds of the parents who gathered outside Jefferson High School in San Antonio this week as the school was on lockdown.

Around 1 p.m. on Tuesday, The Blaze reports, there was a report — later determined to have been false — of an active shooter on campus.

Hundreds of parents flocked to the school, several of whom engaged in heated confrontation with police.

One man who had injured his arm trying to get into the school was tackled by police in front of other horrified parents.

“Increasingly angry parents waiting for more than an hour outside said they had received messages from kids who had heard shots,” the Express-News reported. “Some said it started with a fight.”

One mother told KSAT-TV that a school rule that students turn their phones off at the start of class prevented her from being able to reach her son when she first heard the reports of an active shooter.

“I couldn’t get ahold of him, and if it was an active shooter, what if he was one that got shot, and I wouldn’t have known? Like, it’s not okay,” she said.

“It’s not okay to take their phones away, especially with what happened at Robb Elementary. It’s not okay,” she added, referring to the site of the Uvalde shooting.

San Antonio Independent School District Superintendent Jaime Aquino attributed the mass shooting to the panic outside Jefferson High School this week.

“I’m assuming that if we had not had Uvalde, perhaps we would not have the reaction of the parents. So we just have to understand that,” he said.

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