WATCH: Parents Stunned At School Board Meeting As Graphic Books Offered to Children Are Read Aloud


A room full of adults found themselves extremely uncomfortable at a Carmel, Indiana school board reading as some parents read aloud obscene, graphic sexual content to the stunned crowd.

One parent would later tell a local news station that he couldn’t recount what was heard at this meeting because it would be against the FFA’s obscenity rules for the station to air.

Yet the content that was so offensive to the parents and too graphic for live television came from books that were made available to children in Carmel Clay schools.

To longtime followers of Elizabeth Johnston Ministries, that books involving gender transitions, drug use, or violent rape are being found in public school libraries in the heartland should come as no surprise.

To millions of parents this year, however, the reality of just what, exactly, is being taught and found in our nation’s schools is hitting them like a ton of bricks.

“You have lost sight of your responsibilities to educate our children,” one parent told the Carmel Clay School Board last week. “Parents are learning, watching and taking action.”

And amen for that.

It will take a lot of discomfort — but parents need to face what’s going on in our schools head-on and do everything they can to protect and restore the innocence of our children.

Parents were outraged that Carmel Clay school libraries contain books that promote transgender ideology, teach children how to masturbate, or describe graphic rape scenes.

In one book, a pair of teenagers head to the woods to drink and smoke meth together, resulting in a violent rape.

Books available for younger children describe kindergarteners exploring their gender identity. Others, for middle schoolers provide detailed instructions on self-pleasure. High school students could check out novels featuring detailed, pornographic sex scenes.

Warning: graphic content

“If I were to read it to you, you wouldn’t be able to air it because it would be against FCC obscenity laws,” concerned parent Alvin Lui, who left California to avoid such content in public schools only to discover the same thing was happening in his daughter’s Indiana school, told Fox 59. “Everyone was uncomfortable, and these are adults.”

Stunningly, the district’s superintendent Dr. Michael Beresford assured parents that he would look into the books — yet confessed he had not yet been aware that school libraries were stocked with books featuring such obscene, graphic content.

“Some of the books they mentioned aren’t on our rolls that we have,” he said. “We are going into the buildings and looking into the buildings to make sure.”

Beresford also said that the district has a “procedure” to examine books in school libraries, and that “One part of the procedure is the superintendent can direct advisory council. So, we’re going to that.”

“I want to see how they’re going to ensure how books of this nature continue to get in,” Lui told the station.

Transparency is most certainly a very good place to start in this case.

We stand with the good parents of Carmel who are working so hard to expose the dangerous content available to the unwitting schoolchildren of their district.

This is where a real grassroots movement can take hold — and where parents can work together to effect real, substantial change to protect our children.

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