Watch: Pastor Imprisoned For 2 Years In North Korea Visits Church For The First Time Since Being Arrested

A Canadian pastor finally returned home from North Korea after being sentenced to years of hard labor for his humanitarian mission.


Hyeon Soo Lim, pastor of a large Church in Canada, went to North Korea for a humanitarian mission that ended tragically for him.

According to The Telegraph, the Reverend was convicted of “trying to use religion to destroy the North Korean system.”

Lim actually served two years in a hard labor camp until he was freed by North Korea and sent back to Canada.

It is being widely reported that Lim was released on sick bail but luckily the pastor seems to be in good health since his return.

Imagine, a pastor trying to save the lives of rural North Korean people, is detained and sentenced to a life of hard labor. This is the reality for people that live in what is known as an athiest state. Kim Jong-un doesn’t want anybody being worshiped except for him and his daddy so everyone else in North Korea has to pay the price.

Hyeon Soo Lim did what many would be too afraid to do.

He went to North Korea to help people that couldn’t help themselves.

Where was the first place Pastor Lim was seen publicly after his release from North Korea?

He attended Church for what is perhaps the first time since he was sentenced to hard labor in North Korea years ago.

Watch Pastor Lim’s family discuss his release:

Lim is part of a Presbyterian Church that does humanitarian work in North Korea

The Globe and Mail reported extensively on the Canadian pastor:

The 60-year-old Mr. Lim, who is married with an adult son, has served for 28 years at Light Presbyterian, which has some 3,000 parishioners. It has a heavy focus on missions, supporting evangelical efforts around the world.

Pastor Lim was doing God’s work in North Korea:

The church raised funds for the impoverished country, and supports orphanages, nurseries and a nursing home. Mr. Lim would often take in vitamins, medical supplies and warm clothing.

Today, the pastor was able to attend Church again:

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