WATCH: Portland Rioters Reportedly Burning American Flags, Bibles


Assorted video clips and photos appear to show rioters in Portland, Oregon setting fires and burning Bibles and American flags in the street outside the federal courthouse during the city’s 65th consecutive night of unrest.

A video reportedly showing rioters burning a pile of Bibles, which has since been deleted, was first shared by Ian Miles Cheong.

Other video clips have surfaced, reportedly of the same incident:

It is unclear exactly where the Bibles came from and whether or not they were stolen. One Twitter user who claims to have been a Wall Of Moms member there at the scene shared a photo of a truck giving away free Bibles.

It remains unclear whether the Bibles were being given away to “set up” rioters, as the woman claims, or if they were given to rioters in good faith by Christians.

By no means, however, is that the end of the chaos captured on film. Quillette’s Andy Ngo shared footage of a massive crowd of rioters burning a flag:

According to The Daily Wire, journalists on the ground said that provocateurs were trying to incite a response from the federal agents inside.

One journalist reported that rioters dumped garbage in front of one of the building’s exits. “CBP clears the hazard and agitators begin to provoke a response from federal officers,” he said, captioning his video of the incident.

“Agitators trying to provoke a response from federal officers,” the journalist added in another tweet. “Violently battering the door with kicks and using their shield as a battering ram.”

“Rioters at gathering in Portland are tearing off barricades of an arcade nearby federal courthouse. Portland Police are aware but will let them continue because they’re given directive to leave rioters alone in most circumstances,” Ngo reported in the caption to yet another video of the chaos. “Black bloc militants in downtown Portland are trying to break into a business near the federal courthouse at the peaceful protest. They’re prying off the wood that is covering glass window.”

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