WATCH: Powerful Documentary “I Want My Sex Back” Profiles Transgender Regret


The topic that has dominated the national discussion on gender dysphoria and transgenderism is the rights those who identify as the opposite sex should be given and how much we should validate their gender identity.

But the forgotten voices in this discussion are those who have lived their lives as a member of the opposite sex and come to regret it–we rarely share their stories and many on the left seem to like to pretend they don’t even exist.

They do exist, and their stories are just as valid as those demanding we use the proper pronoun and accommodate their bathroom needs.

Also, much like the women who carry the burden of abortion regret for the rest of their lives and find no solace, comfort, or even acknowledgment in the pro-choice movement, those who have experienced transgender regret have an incredibly powerful lesson to teach us about the life-long implications of transition treatment or surgery.

In this documentary, “I Want My Sex Back”, which is stunningly still up on YouTube, two former transgender individuals share their stores.