WATCH: The Ukrainian Church’s Incredible Faith Amid the Fog and Chaos of War


Christians around the world have been stirred to witness the response of their brothers and sisters in Ukraine as their country is besieged by Russia as God appears to be moving in indescribable ways in the embattled nation.

CBN News recently highlighted several incredible moments captured on camera as, not knowing what the future may hold, Ukrainian Christians pray, worship, and appeal to heaven with joy and confidence in the Lord.

The outlet’s senior international correspondent George Thomas has been reporting on the ground in Ukraine, where he says the “fighting spirit” of citizens and leaders is apparent as is the “moving” display of faith among the faithful.

One pastor leading services last week, Thomas said, “got up and said, ‘As we worship and come into a time of praise and worship, that all of the songs we sing today, we sing keeping in mind what is going on today in our nation. And as we storm the gates of heaven with our praise … we are in essence storming the gates of heaven for peace as well.’”

The worship service he filmed is beyond stirring. Just watch!

As parishioners engage in moving corporate worship, church staffers have also been working to see to their physical needs as well, putting together a makeshift bomb shelter and getting together toiletries and other needed supplies for displaced families.

In neighboring Poland, where people have harbored long-standing bitterness towards Ukrainians over a post-WWII-era massacre of Poles at the hand of Ukrainian forces, churches have set aside historic differences to reach out to refugees.

They say fleeing Ukrainians are begging the world’s Christians to keep those who remain in their home country in prayer.

At home, Ukrainians appear determined and stalwart, Thomas said.

“The general tone is one of determination, of courage, of a fighting spirit,” he noted.

Of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who has refused to evacuate the country despite three assassination attempts, “Somebody said to me, ‘He hasn’t even shaved, and look at the way he’s rallying the country, rallying the troops … he’s in the trenches.’”

Please continue to keep the Ukrainian and Russian churches in prayer, as well as all the soldiers and leaders involved in the conflict. As the invasion threatens to embroil the whole of the western allied forces in an unprecedented global war, let us also siege the gates of heaven and petition the Lord to bring peace, wisdom, and justice to those with the power of millions of lives in their hands.

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