WATCH: UK Children React To Drag Alongside “Fierce, Violent, Erotic” Drag Queen


Let me ask you something:

Would you want your children to participate in a televised interview with this man? Or spend any time with him at all?

Posted by Reuben Kaye on Friday, November 22, 2019

If you have even a hint of sanity, the answer should be a resounding, “no!”

Several UK parents, however, were apparently delighted to offer up their very young children for a sit-down with Australian cabaret performer Reuben Kaye for BBC’s Channel 4.

In the video, Kaye enters an otherwise empty classroom to visit with several children and watch them “react to drag.”


Kids React to Drag

International cabaret star Reuben Kaye goes back to school to meet his toughest audience yet – a group of schoolkids!

Posted by Channel 4 on Thursday, December 5, 2019

Predictably, some of the younger children giggled at the sight of a grown man wearing gaudy clothes and caricaturistic makeup—because the idea of a man wearing women’s things is meant to be ludicrous to the point of hilarity.

These children, however, have the great misfortune of being raised in the age of “inclusivity” and the destruction of the “gender binary,” and instead are being indoctrinated to think that a man like Kaye is just another unique person expressing themselves rather than a man dressed in a very silly way who should most likely not be spending time with young children.

After all, isn’t that the common message of the majority of media targeted to children? “Be yourself?” Or, as one child put it, “be who you want to be.” This is the secular “gospel.” Do what you want, regardless of who you were created to be.

This is the natural outworking of the leftist infection in our media, our school systems, and the greater mainstream worldview.

While the segment in question was apparently filmed for a Channel 4 show featuring Kaye, one can only imagine whose bright idea it was to invite a “performer” like Kaye to sit and speak to children. His promotional photos on his website and social media are hideously graphic and vile, too much so to even show here, and he revels in it.

But, in today’s “inclusive” society, Kaye is apparently a great role model for children. Of course, Kaye has a few choice words for anyone who thinks otherwise.

“For all the people online saying I shouldn’t be allowed in front of children, teaching them about drag, acceptance, kindness. For everyone calling me disgusting and corrupt,” Kaye says in a Facebook post. “Relax, Breathe. I know it’s scary. It’s a new world. And if you need a hug I’m always here. However there’s a queue and waiting times may vary… This b*tch is in demand.”

For all the people online saying I shouldn’t be allowed in front of children, teaching them about drag, acceptance,…

Posted by Reuben Kaye on Saturday, December 7, 2019

Well, there you have it. Take a deep breath and accept it. This is the message the LGBT left has for anyone who questions their brazenly inappropriate indoctrination of young children.

And they wonder why we’re fighting so vehemently against this?

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