WATCH: Vigilante Woman Ruins Hawaii Wedding Over Coronavirus Regulations


It would appear that even weddings aren’t off-limits to angry vigilantes looking to enforce regulations meant to halt the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video taken by the woman and shared to Twitter by others, she walks through Waimanalo Beach in Oahu to stop a wedding ceremony and remind them that the beach is currently closed.

“I don’t want to be rude,” the disgruntled woman says as she walks through the beach, “but I had enough of s**t.”

Be advised that the video contains foul language from the frustrated wedding crasher.

“Aloha, aloha!” she tells the group. “That’s not your house, you’re lying. This is the beach and the beach is closed.”

Several people attempt to calm the woman down, including the bride. Nonetheless, she continues to tell the small group—which included small children—that they will be arrested for being at the beach.

“The cops are coming,” the woman rants, telling the officiant of the wedding, “You’re always doing this for money.”

The officiant can be seen rushing the group away from the beach, back towards a large house several yards away.

“This is property,” a wedding guest tells the woman.

“You want to tell me about property?” she snaps back. “Let’s talk about property.”

She proceeds to threaten more people in the groups with arrest, claiming that their activities are illegal.

As of this writing, the parties seen in the video have yet to be identified and it is unclear whether or not the wedding ceremony was allowed to conclude.

According to The New York Post, certain types of short-term rentals, including renting out an entire home to tourists for a short stay, did in fact became illegal on the island of Oahu on Aug. 1 as the island seeks to curb unregulated tourism.

The Post reports:

Beach wedding permits on the island of Oahu are invalid until Sept. 4, according to the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Surfing and swimming are allowed, but a social gathering on the beach is not.

Regardless of the legality of this particular wedding, one thing is clear: coronavirus restrictions are gutting Hawaii’s once-bustling wedding industry.

Florists, wedding planners, DJs, and rental property owners have been closed throughout the entire wedding season. According to KHON2, many have been permanently shuttered without any financial assistance from the government forcing them to close.

“With the city CARES Act funding, you have to have a storefront,” said Monty Pereira, the General Manager of Watanabe Floral. “Many people in the wedding professional business, whether it be a photographer, or DJ, or wedding planners or even wedding florists for that matter, work out of their homes so they don’t have a physical storefront.”

Wendy Balidoy, an Event Floral Designer at Spinning WEB Florist, also wanted to help spread the word.

“We’re here to say that we’re forgotten about, but we’re still here,” Balidoy said. “We’re trying. And people are selling their things and it’s really sad that we’re not getting the support.”

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