WATCH: Why This Young Woman Is Taking a Bold Stand for Student Privacy


Alexis Lightcap is a high school student in Boyertown Area Senior High School in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, who, like many young people this year, is making a bold stand for security and privacy for high school students.

While a group of teenagers in Parkland have gained national attention and quickly become permanent figures in contemporary American politics, Alexis’ story gets much less attention, despite her own dedication to keeping America’s schools safe.

Alexis has joined a lawsuit against her school district, who, stunningly, opened up their bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers to students who identified as the opposite sex during the 2016-2017 school year.

Without informing anyone but the small minority of students who identify as the opposite sex.

“There are good ways to make room for everyone, without letting a boy into the girls’ locker rooms, shower areas, or restrooms,” Alexis said at a press conference last week, according to The Daily Signal.

Last year, still unaware of the policy change, Alexis walked into a girls’ bathroom only to see a man’s face in the mirror. She said she was shocked and scared and immediately ran to alert school staff.

Her grade level principal was unconcerned, and simply informed Alexis of the new policy.

This was how she and her parents found out about it.

“That is why I joined this lawsuit, so no other girl has to go through what I went through. It is common sense that boys shouldn’t be in girls’ locker rooms, restrooms, and shower areas. Every student matters and schools should put our privacy, safety, and dignity first,” she explains.

Her lawyer from the Alliance Defending Freedom, Christiana Holcomb, notes that Alexis didn’t need to join the lawsuit publically, but that she made a choice to make her voice heard.


“Alexis is taking her voice back,” says the Alliance Defending Freedom on their website.

“She is standing up for the privacy and safety of her fellow students, including her 13-year-old younger sister. She is standing up to say that there are solutions that protect the privacy and safety of all students, not just a few.

“Alexis has lost her voice at the hands of government systems before,” they add, as Alexis was a foster child who was adopted, an act which she credits with giving her her voice back.

“And she’s not going to let it happen again,” they conclude.

You can read more about Alexis’ and the ADF’s lawsuit with the Boyertown School district here.