WATCH: You’ve Heard of Child Drag Performers, Now There’s a Down Syndrome Drag Show


There are many wonderful ways to celebrate the personhood and the life of those who have Down syndrome.

After all, in many nations, Down syndrome individuals are literally endangered, and close to extinct, all thanks to eugenics.

So it is certainly very odd and confusing that those who tend to support abortion and eugenics and would deny the personhood of a Down syndrome person in the womb, suddenly think they’re wonderful when they’re dressed in drag.

LGBT Nation glowingly reports:

A British drag show called Drag Syndrome is highlighting drag queens and kings who have Down’s Syndrome, a genetic condition which can cause physical growth delays, intellectual disabilities and characteristic facial features.

Drag Syndrome held its opening show last year in an East London LGBTQ venue. It featured six performers with Down’s and quickly sold out. Four more performers have since joined the troupe. They’ve performed in Norway and are currently planning a world tour.

“[Event founder Daniel Vais is] adamant that Drag Syndrome isn’t a charitable project: This is drag it its purest form,” Broadly writes.

“The starting point is the art,” Vais told Broadly. “People see that actually, disability can be rock’n’roll and avant-garde and then they’re accepting it.”

Drag Syndrome is particularly groundbreaking because performers with disabilities don’t often get public exposure.

So not only are they exploiting these individuals with gender confusing cross-dressing, they’re actually fetishizing their syndrome as “rock’n’roll” and “avant-garde.”

Well, which is it, progressives? Is Down syndrome something that should be eradicated, or celebrated as cool and edgy?

Of course, neither is true. Down syndrome individuals are beautiful souls created in the image of God, and maybe before we start encouraging them to cross-dress and perform in seedy clubs, we start defending their right to exist in the first place.