We Were Told LGBT “Rights” Don’t Affect Our Lives At All. We Were Lied To.


Remember the days back before Obergfell v. Hodges when opponents of gay marriage were told “don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one” to indicate that, were we not homosexual ourselves, our lives would in no way be impacted by the immoral 2015 Supreme Court Ruling?

Before the LGBT agenda overtook our nation, Christian, conservative, pro-family, and otherwise traditional folks were incessantly mocked and told that granting certain rights and privileges to the LGBT community would have no impact whatsoever on our own rights.

We were told it was purely a matter of allowing individuals to follow their conscience, marry whom they wish, and live their lives in peace and harmony.

We were lied to.

How long did it take for the same Washington leftists and mainstream media talking heads to go from saying that LGBT “rights” would have no impact on religious liberty to demanding that “non-affirming” churches and faith-based groups should have their tax statuses revoked?

“Even scarier is the transgender agenda,” writes Jonathon Van Maren in an op-ed for LifeSite News, pointing to the sudden shift to an “affirmation only” model of treatment for what used to be considered a mental disorder.

Although the ‘T’ section of the acronym seemed to take a back seat while the ‘Ls’ and ‘Gs’ led the charge in 2015, transgenderism is proving to be far more dangerous than anyone could ever have imagined.

Van Maren continues:

Trans activists and their allies are claiming that any girl or boy who believes herself or himself to be born in the wrong body should immediately receive “affirmative” treatment, which generally includes puberty-blockers, hormone treatments, and eventually the requisite mastectomies and castrations to complete what they are now insidiously referring to as “gender affirmation surgery.” Parents are often caught off guard by their children coming out as transgender and are so viciously attacked when they suggest that their children should wait before engaging in any regimens or surgeries with permanent results (mutilation and infertility being only two) that concerned parents frequently have to meet in secret.

Now, many parents live in fear of the day that their child comes home from school, where they may have been subjected to a “gender identity” lesson, a pro-LGBT book, or a Drag Queen Story Hour, and tells them that they now “identify” as the opposite sex.

Should a parent show a moment’s pause in wholeheartedly affirming their child’s newfound identity—regardless of their age, mental state, or impressionability—transgender activists would have them charged with abuse.

As we’re seeing in Canada and the case of Robert Hoogland, who was threatened with charges of child abuse if he failed to acknowledge his daughter’s “male identity,” even the government is leaning this way. The medical community has also been bought and paid for by deep-pocketed pro-LGBT oligarchs, leading to declarations that children should be taken from their parents if prevented from pursuing “transition therapies” from outlets like the Journal of Medical Ethics.

Keep in mind, the transgender agenda is advancing due largely in part to the fact that scientific evidence and personal testimony regarding “desisters” or ex-transgender people are being discredited and swept under the rug.

Van Maren points to another example across the pond, in which an “LGBTI spokesman” for Ireland’s rabidly progressive Sinn Féin party stated that if his party secured enough seats in the government, children under the age of sixteen would be permitted to sue their own parents if they obstruct their path to “change” their gender.

In short, Van Maren concludes, the harmonious utopia we were sold when LGBT “rights” first began to advance has proven to be riddled with unintended consequences for virtually every member of society:

Just a few years ago, the LGBT lobby was condemning those who resisted the transgender agenda, angrily demanding to know why anyone would oppose something that would allegedly have no impact on their lives. This was a lie. I’ve spoken with and received emails from heartbroken parents (one of whom had two children identifying as transgender), and in some cases, their lives and their families have been destroyed by the transgender phenomenon. One mother mourned that her “once-beautiful daughter is now bearded, homeless, and sterilized.” Nobody told her, and thousands of others, that their children would be swept up in this phenomenon — and that many of their sons and daughters would make irrevocable choices as a result.

Fortunately, the LGBT movement itself seems to be becoming increasingly self-aware of the inconsistency and the danger inherent in the transgenderism movement. Ex-transgender people called “desisters” are rising up, as are homosexuals who are so fed up with the constant thought-policing of the left that they are beginning to explore conservatism.

These people need to hear the truth, which means we must never be silenced.

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