Welsh Parents Will Soon No Longer Be Able to Choose If Children Attend Sexual, Religious Education Classes


Public school officials in Wales, UK are once again flexing their muscles and demonstrating that they call the shots for the children in their care, not the parents.

According to a BBC report, parents across the country will no longer have the right to pull their kids from classes on sex and religion under any circumstances.

Education Minister Kirsty Williams said the new policy will be tested next year before becoming mandatory in 2022.

Several parents were interviewed on BBC Radio Wales Breakfast with Claire Summers with mixed reactions to the upcoming loss of their rights to have a say in their children’s education.

Unsurprisingly, some sheeplike parents were just giddy at the prospect of giving the school complete control over what their children are exposed to.

Sally Stephenson, a mother of two teens in Vale of Glamorgan, said, “I just think it’s a really good idea to teach children about different religions and different relationships.

“I want them to understand that we are all different and there are people who live different lives to us and most importantly I want them to be open-minded and respectful of other people and their beliefs,” she added.

As if immersing your children in the confusion of a secular approach to world religions and who knows what kind of filth in sex education is the only way to raise an “open-minded” child! Ridiculous!

Maxine Watson-Whitaker, a Cardiff mother of a toddler, also applauded the rule. “I think it’s a good thing that little children are able to have the full perspective of life really, rather than the narrow viewpoint of their parents or family,” she said. “I think the more you experience, the more information or knowledge you get, the better.”

Russell Williams, a Ceredigion of two, countered, “I don’t think it can be taken as a one size fits all decision.

“There should be discussions involved, different schools have different levels of ethnic diversity and sexual diversity,” he continued. “There should be local level discussions as to whether you can take your children out of these classes. I don’t think it’s simply yes or no.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea, parents should be consulted on things,” said Sen Ramachendran of Cardiff. “My eldest son’s school in the last few years have called all the parents in and discussed what they’ll be teaching and showing the children and asked us for our opinion and concerns.”

“It would be good for all schools to do that before they make such a decision,” he stated.

Unsurprisingly, a major source of opposition to the curriculum comes from Humanists UK, which campaigns for a secular state, which said it was “particularly concerned about the scrapping of the right to withdraw from RE in faith schools, because such schools will still be able to teach the subject from a faith-based perspective”.

This is your wake-up call, folks.

If your children are in public schools, how much control do you really have over what your children are exposed to?

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