What Leana Wen’s Exit From Planned Parenthood Tells Us About the Future of the Abortion Industry


While the bloodthirsty abortion mill Planned Parenthood is shuttering more locations and losing more of their clientele each year, they aren’t ready to roll over and die just yet.

They’ve been ratcheting up their efforts to secure more taxpayer dollars and deregulate abortion nationwide at any cost (meaning more profit)—even if it means firing their brand new president, Leana Wen.

According to a tweet from Wen, she was let go for “philosophical differences” when the Planned Parenthood Federal Action Fund (PPFA) Board decided to fire her in a “secret meeting.” 

“We were engaged in good faith negotiations about my departure based on philosophical differences over the direction and future of Planned Parenthood,” Wen wrote.

In her statement, published in the form of an op-ed in the New York Times, Wen elaborated on the tension between her, her “team,” and the Planned Parenthood establishment:

But the team that I brought in, experts in public health and health policy, faced daily internal opposition from those who saw my goals as mission creep. There was even more criticism as we worked to change the perception that Planned Parenthood was just a progressive political entity and show that it was first and foremost a mainstream health care organization.

Perhaps the greatest area of tension was over our work to be inclusive of those with nuanced views about abortion. I reached out to people who wrestle with abortion’s moral complexities, but who will speak out against government interference in personal medical decisions. I engaged those who identify as being pro-life, but who support safe, legal abortion access because they don’t want women to die from back-alley abortions. I even worked with people who oppose abortion but support Planned Parenthood because of the preventive services we provide — we share the desire to reduce the need for abortion through sex education and birth control. [emphasis added]

You would think that an organization who touts only relying on child murder for just 3 percent of its business (though this claim has been repeatedly debunked) wouldn’t have such a big problem with this statement. 

The fact that they do is incredibly telling.

As pro-life advocate Lila Rose succinctly illustrates, Planned Parenthood cannot tolerate anything less than an increase in abortions:

Very interestingly, other reports have surfaced from leftist news sources like BuzzFeed claim that Wen was also ousted for “[refusing] to use ‘trans-inclusive’ language, for example saying ‘people’ instead of ‘women,’ telling staff that she believed talking about transgender issues would ‘isolate people in the Midwest:’”

BuzzFeed also reported that “Wen sometimes went through [Planned Parenthood]’s press releases and docs, deleting the word ‘sexual’ from the phrase ‘sexual and reproductive health,’ the source said. She also resisted using ‘abortion’ as a stand-alone, preferring ‘abortion care’ or other phrases entirely.”

Whether these reports are true, it shouldn’t surprise us in the least that the high priestesses of the child-sacrificing cult of leftism are now eating their own—figuratively, anyway.

Wen’s views are actually quite consistent with those of pro-abortion figures Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and Hillary Clinton, pre-2016. The vocabulary of “legal, safe, and rare” is long gone, and, bizarrely, a woman who supports abortion was clearly somewhat of a dinosaur in the new, abortion-happy world of “reproductive rights.” 

The abortion industry is caving in on itself, and so is the progressive far-left. It looks like maybe, just maybe, common sense and morality will win the day. 


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