When 300 Carolers Were Met with An Angry Heckler, They Responded With Admirable Grace


Over the weekend, hundreds of carolers in Moscow, Idaho who gathered to sing hymns of praise to mark the birth of the Savior, were met with angry hecklers seeking to drown out or shout down the music.

The singers, who were from Moscow’s well-known Christ Church community, joined their voices to offer a cheerful “Merry Christmas” to the vocal critic and later simply moved across the street and continued their issuance of holiday cheer undisturbed.

When the carolers first gathered in Friendship Square, as is an annual tradition for members of the Church according to Moscow Report, a noise machine began blaring from the window of a building overlooking the square.

A man also yelled at the singers from the steps of the Moscow Hotel and made disparaging gestures at them.


Pastor Doug Wilson told the carolers to first loudly cry “Merry Christmas!” to those causing the disruption and then move across the street.

“After a short while the noise from the noise machine ceased, and singing continued unhindered until the end of the event,” the Moscow Report noted.

“The individual responsible for the noise machine was issued a citation by Moscow Police for disturbing the peace, and an MPD officer stayed on the scene to ensure no more illegal disturbances would take place,” the outlet also reported.

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