Whitmer Says State Police “Monitoring All The Conversations” Around Lockdown Protests


Michigan has become one of the key battlegrounds for the national battle over lockdown vs. liberty. And Governor Whitmer is not doing herself any favors.

Breitbart notes that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) told reporters earlier this week that Michigan State Police were “monitoring all of the conversations” surrounding protests that were planned for Thursday at the state capitol.

According to Fox News, the protest, which was one of many organized by the conservative activist group Michigan United for Liberty, drew hundreds to the steps of the capitol building in Lansing and was mostly peaceful aside from one minor scuffle.

Whitmer told reporters she believed state police were keeping a close eye on “conversations” associated with protest planning when she was asked what “proof” she had that protesters were spreading the virus around the state after previous demonstrations.

“I saw one report— I don’t have proof. I’m not following everybody home and taking their temperatures and watching them for two weeks,” she said before claiming she has seen a lot of activists “touching each other” at protests.

She claimed a group analyzed cell phone data and concluded that it “translates to where we’re seeing hot spots in rural parts of Michigan.”

She then admitted, “I don’t know the group, I’ve not vetted the data, I can’t vouch for it.”

Breitbart reports that Whitmer was then asked if she “wants to see” the Michigan State Police ticket protesters who are violating social distancing orders.

“I think the Michigan State Police is monitoring all of the conversations around this event tomorrow – that they are prepared and are working with the attorney general,” she asserted.

She said “if there’s reason to do it” the state police will ticket protestors, adding, “I’m hopeful they don’t have reason to.”

While some state governors seem interested in simply making sure the coronavirus doesn’t spread in their state, Whitmer seems more concerned with micromanaging every movement her citizens make and finding reasons to criminalize those who push back against her draconian orders.

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