WHO Claims of No COVID Transmission In HQ Building Amid Staffer Outbreak. Can We Trust Them?


The New York Post editorial board is wondering if we can trust claims made by the World Health Organization that no COVID-19 transmission occurred within their world headquarters facilities in Brussels amid an outbreak among staffers.

The op-ed titled WHO is even lying about its own COVID-19 outbreak at its headquarters accuses the WHO of having covered for “Beijing’s lies” at the beginning of the pandemic as well as refusing “to allow an outside probe into how COVID-19 got started.”

Now, the Post’s editorial board alleges, the organization is lying about an outbreak at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The WHO has publicly denied that any transmission of the virus occurred at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, where there is a city-wide outbreak.

The Associated Press, as it happens, recently obtained an e-mail showing that at least WHO staffers have been infected with the virus this year.

While half of these cases were among those who were working remotely and hence not actually at WHO headquarters, 32 were working on-site when they tested positive for the virus.

Most of the WHO cases (49) have come in the last two months during which Geneva has seen a major surge in reported cases including over 12,000 in the last two weeks alone.

Still, the Post claims, the WHO has refused to amid that any transmissions occurred in their building.

One assumes this means the organization is expecting us to believe that 32 of its staffers contracted the virus while they were not within the walls of headquarters and managed to not spread it to anyone else in the WHO’s employ before testing positive.

Based on what we now know about how COVID-19 is transmitted, this is incredibly difficult to believe. Or as the Post puts it, if the WHO is telling the truth, it means that its headquarters is “practically the city’s only virus-free zone.”

As it happens, in the email obtained by the AP addressed concerns that five more staffers had tested positive in the week prior and that others who had been in close contact with these individuals were still coming in to work in-person.

“The five (one, reportedly a senior infection-control specialist) had all been in mutual contact, so the outbreak qualifies as a cluster (two or more positive cases in the same area),” The Post explains.

“But the agency is in denial as deep as when it refused to label COVID-19 a pandemic until mid-March. Its leaders expect you to believe that 32 workers in the building got infected without passing it on to another staffer,” they add.

In conclusion, the paper notes this is “not a good look” for an organization that is still defending itself against criticism of its handling of the virus from the start.

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