WHO Signals Intent to Attack Pro-Life Laws Globally in the Name of “Women’s Health”


The World Health Organization (WHO) appears to be preparing to attack pro-life laws around the world as posing a threat to “women’s health” based on the conclusions drawn by an academic paper that was commissioned by the global health organization.

The paper, published by BMJ Global Health, seeks to examine the public health outcomes of laws and policy that relate to abortion for the sake of helping lawmakers worldwide to “produce stronger guidance related to abortion.”

However, as the Center for Family & Human Rights (C-Fam) notes, the “publication strongly suggests that the forthcoming guidance will increase pressure on countries to remove legal protections from unborn children and health workers who object to participating in abortions.”

The paper was commissioned by the WHO as part of their effort to update its 2012 guidance on “safe abortion.”

C-Fam asserts that “The WHO is working to remove legal as well as medical safeguards around abortion.”

“In 2017, it launched a legal and policy database on abortion intended to ‘eliminate the barriers that women encounter in accessing safe abortion services,’” the organization explains. “The BMJ Global Health paper seeks to build on that database to draw causal links between pro-life laws and adverse health outcomes from ‘unsafe’ abortions.”

The publication specifically focuses on laws that may mandate things like a mandatory waiting period, involvement from parents or the father of the baby, gestational limits on abortion, and criminalization as well as restrictions on abortion providers and protections for health care professionals who object to abortion morally.

The authors of the BMJ Global Health paper write that as it is, the “WHO guidelines make no recommendations related to these legal interventions, but describe them as regulatory and policy barriers that may influence access to timely, safe abortion care.”

However, while the WHO guidance for “safe abortion” has yet to be published, the organization committed “disseminat[e] updated guidelines on safe abortion” at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris, C-Fam notes.

It must be strongly noted that the WHO, which is part of the United Nations, has clearly taken the moral stance that abortion can be safe, which by definition diminishes the value of the unborn human being that is killed by a successful abortion procedure.

Can it be said that they can be relied upon to determine what is considered “safe” for human life?

Considering the amount of influence they have over public health policy at the moment, this is very important to consider.

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