Whole Foods: Newest Sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour


The innocence of our children is under attack like it has never been before. This has been most apparent in the rise of Drag Queen Story Hours that have been popping up around the country like weeds. Advocates and organizers of the events claim the goal is simply to spread “love” and promote “inclusivity” and “tolerance,” but their true purpose is blatant indoctrination and a push to groom the next generation of gender-ambiguous queer folk.

Now, these inappropriate events are being sponsored by corporations, not unlike sporting events or television shows. Whole Foods has aligned themselves with the LGBT mafia to illustrate just how enlightened and “woke” they really are.

Whole Foods was joined by the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Falcons to sponsor a special Drag Queen Story Hour which took place at City Hall in Atlanta, Georgia.

As LifeSite News reports:

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms invited ‘Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker,’a.k.a., Steven Igarashi-Ball, to perform in City Hall after a DQSH he was scheduled to perform in at a nearby Fulton County Library branch was removed from the library system’s event calendar.  

While the event wasn’t canceled, the library’s decision to halt all promotion of the event was perceived as a snub to the drag queen.  

“Thank you to everyone who joined us at today’s Drag Queen Story Hour with Mayor Keisha Bottoms and Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker,” read a tweet posted by the City of Atlanta’s Official Twitter account.  

“‘It’s Okay to be Different’ and ‘Mary Had a Little Glam’ were read to Atlanta’s kids and families at Saturday’s Drag Queen Story Hour,” tweeted Paulina Guzman, global Engagement Officer at the Atalnta[sic] Mayor’s Office of International Affairs. “It’s important to share positive messages of acceptance and confidence in our communities!” 

It’s outrageous to think that men like Steven Igarashi-Ball are being celebrated for donning makeup fit for the circus and provocative, over-the-top costumes meant to degrade and mock actual women—all for the sake of entertaining young children, much less. , 

The Mayor of Atlanta is clearly not concerned with what her constituents want, seeing as how she held the event even in the face of opposition to an event planned at a local library. What does that tell you about leftist politicians?

Every aspect of these pandering to the out-of-control LGBT mob. Considering they are being primarily attended by “families” of the LGBT persuasion already, it’s pretty obvious it is only a small portion of the population who is advocating for such events, yet leftist politicians continue to push for them.

As LifeSite News pointed out, drag queen story hours are heavily attended by gay and lesbian couples with the goal normalizing their lifestyle For LGBT families, there is nothing more important than making sure their children believe the lie that there is nothing wrong with having two moms or two dads.

If you shop at Whole Foods, you may want to find an alternative. 

If you’d like to let Whole Foods know that you don’t support their promotion of gender confusion and the normalization of dangerous lifestyles, be sure to sign this petition from AFA ActionAlert.


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