Whoopi Goldberg Tries To Smear Christians As White Supremacist Sympathizers, Twitter Sets Her Straight

Liberal media personality Whoopi Goldberg has come under fire for her false assertion that “the Christian right” has failed to condemn last weekend’s fatal car attack in Charlottesville that left one woman dead.


“The silence of the Christian Right about the Charlottesville Attack is deafening,” Goldberg boldly insisted via a tweet.

Apparently Goldberg has been following the wrong Christian leaders – if she’s even following any at all, that is.

Indeed, here’s a selection of just some of the statements issued by Christian leaders in response to this weekend’s attack.

In light of the evidence against her incendiary claim, Goldberg is currently being roasted.



Whoopi Goldberg – interestingly enough – has yet to acknowledge the falsity of her statement.

Despite apparently feeling as though she is an expert on what Christians are up to, it seems Goldberg – best known in recent times for her gig co-hosting the pro-abortion show ‘The View’ – has missed a key part of Christianity: thou shall not bear false witness.