Why Conservatives Need to Get Set Up On Parler If They Value Their Free Speech


Conservatives are flocking to Parler in droves on the heels of the election as social media censorship appears to reach fever pitch.

We are here to tell you that it is time for those of us who value free speech to get set up on networks like Parler, and challenge you to come with us.

Over the last four years, as we have covered and been directly impacted by here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries, Silicon Valley Big Tech has demonstrated a distinct animosity towards those of Christian and conservative persuasions.

Mostly, it appeared that Twitter, Facebook, and Google-owned YouTube’s algorithms and community standards seemed designed to suppress Trump-supporting, Jesus-loving, or progressive-paradigm-challenging content creators and influencers.

However, in the days leading up to the election and now in the messy wake of it, it has become remarkable how Big Tech seems to have been unable to resist flexing the massive amount of power they have over the flow of information through censorship, suppression, and undeniable bias.

Parler, the social media app that is dedicated to protecting free speech and becoming a fast favorite of conservatives, jumped to the top of both Google and Apple’s app stores over the weekend as the mainstream media declared former Vice President Joe Biden to be the projected winner of the 2020 presidental election.

“As Twitter has gotten increasingly aggressive about policing election-related misinformation in recent weeks, conservatives are turning to a small alternative site called Parler,” Fortune reports.

“Over the weekend and on Monday, Parler was the most downloaded free app on Apple’s U.S. mobile app store and on Google’s U.S. Play store for mobile apps. It’s more popular than TikTok, Zoom, and YouTube,” the explain.

“Parler is a breath of fresh air for those weary and wary of the way they’ve been treated by our competitors,” Parler chief operating officer Jeffrey Wernick says of the quickly growing network, which has shot up to 8 million users after just 4.5 million a few weeks ago.

“And now that many of their friends are already on Parler, they’ve decided it’s worth their investment of time to give us a try. We plan to earn their continued business.”

If you have been following us on Facebook, then you need to get on over to Parler and follow Elizabeth Johnston to keep up with her posts and content.

If you subscribe to Elizabeth’s newsletter (if not, sign up here!) you will know that Facebook has hit us hard with violations during election season, and even complete demonitization.

We are as sick and tired of the Facebook thought police as you are–and Parler is where it’s at for uncensored, raw, and honest commentary and content from Elizabeth Johnston and all your favorite conservatice voices.

Let’s set up a community over at Parler that is bigger and better than Facebook–please share this article!

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