Why Does Planned Parenthood Refer Patients to Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers If They’re “Fake Clinics”?


The last several months have seen attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers increase — both in the form of rhetorical attacks from activists and politicians and literal attacks from radical pro-abortion groups.

As politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and others have accused pro-life pregnancy clinics as deceiving abortion-seeking women into keeping their babies when they might otherwise procure an abortion in states where the procedure remains legal, pro-abortion terrorist group Jane’s Revenge has declared “open season” on the facilities and taken credit for a number of attacks including arson and vandalism.

However, as revealed during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, abortion giant Planned Parenthood refers women to pro-life pregnancy clinics — because these clinics are legitimate facilities that provide women who choose life for their babies with invaluable services and resources that Planned Parenthood does not.

This was highlighted by LifeNews, which pointed to testimony given by Heidi Matzke, the executive director at the pro-life Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Sacramento, California.

When asked by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) what services her facility provides that Planned Parenthood does not, Matzke replied that “Ironically…Planned Parenthood actually refers patients to us. Once a woman walks in, if they do not choose abortion, they are referred to Alternatives Pregnancy Center to be cared for.”

“The fact that Planned Parenthood sees the value of who we are and what we offer to women is important for everyone here to understand,” she added.

This fact also flies in the face of accusations from the likes of Sen. Warren that clinics like Matzke’s are “fake.”

As she told Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R), “We absolutely do not run a fake clinic and we have a full medical staff. Many of our medical professionals have experienced abortion for themselves, including our OB/GYN doctor who used to perform abortions.”

“Our entire medical staff is there for women whether they choose abortion and walk out the door or whether they choose life for their baby and we support them for years after that,” she emphasized.

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