Why I Did NOT Sign the Boycott Target Pledge


I have a confession to make!

I never signed the Boycott Target Pledge! I know. Hate me. Call me a wuss or a bum. I deserve it. But the good news is that although I did not sign the pledge, I did boycott Target. In fact, I went a step further and took my family to stand outside a local Target store over a year ago to warn the shoppers that men were wrongfully being allowed to use the female dressing rooms and restrooms inside the Target chain of stores in the name of “transgender rights.” Here is a picture of our little family outing to Target a little over a year ago.

I have another confession to make. The Target boycott was technically the beginning of The Activist Mommy ministry as you know it. I have always been active and vocal against unrighteousness and injustice, but when this country went so insane as to allow biological men with penises to disrobe in the same restrooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms where my daughters disrobe, this Mama Bear had had enough!! I decided to take my little “roar” and turn it into a Mama Bear movement. I created The Activist Mommy Facebook page, made my first video against transgender bathrooms, and the rest is history.

But let a Christian get off their lazy duff and actually DO SOMETHING to push back against cultural darkness that seeks to rob our children of their innocence, and two seconds later, some namby-pamby church-goer will decry, “That’s not what Jesus would do.” Christians are so frightened by confrontation. Never mind Jesus crashing the Temple party…shhh!…keep that on the down low, because that doesn’t fit our narrative of the Hippy Jesus.

Look, I understand the desire to be winsome and gentle and liked, and we can be all that to some extent. But being winsome at the expense of engaging in the fight for our culture has proven to be exceedingly disastrous for people of faith with family values. Wake up and look around you…

  • Biological men are allowed in women’s dressing rooms, locker rooms and restrooms
  • 3,000 babies are killed daily through abortion with the blessing of our government at taxpayer expense
  • Radical Islam is being taught in a positive light in public schools while Christianity is forbidden

We are losing this battle and our kids and grandkids will suffer the consequences the most! Yes, Christians may win a skirmish here and there, but we are losing the war. Why? Because we rarely charge the hill. I don’t mean a violent conquest. I mean a non-violent offensive charge of the lies of the enemy through action. The leftists are always charging, why not us?

Boycotting companies and programming that attack our values and seek to defile the minds of our children is one way we can “charge the hill,” and it’s actually quite effective. For instance…


American Family Association’s five-month boycott ended after Richard Ellis, former McDonald’s vice president of U.S. communications, left his seat on the board of directors of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). McDonald’s announced there are no plans to replace Ellis on the board. In an email to its franchise owners, McDonald’s said, “It is our policy to not be involved in political and social issues. McDonald’s remains neutral on same sex marriage or any ‘homosexual agenda’ as defined by the American Family Association.”


Pro-family groups cheered the decision of Marriot International, one of the nation’s leading hotel chains, to remove access to pornographic content from its in-room televisions, beginning with new hotel constructions in 2013. Groups such as AFA, Focus on the Family, and Family Research Council banned together to send a strong message to Marriott that they “strongly object to their pornography sales.”


Since the boycott over Target’s transgender bathroom policy began, Target’s stock has lost 35% of its value, and the company shuttered plans for major expansion projects. Together we are making an unprecedented financial impact on a corporation whose policy is to allow men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms. A recent Wall Street Journal article clearly shows that Target CEO Brian Cornell regrets his company’s policy announcement welcoming men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms. “Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash [AFA boycott] was self-inflicted,” he told staff.

We will continue to boycott Target until they bring common sense back to their bathrooms and fitting rooms.

We haven’t yet caused a reversal of Target’s policy yet, but we have effectively destroyed the company. That speaks volumes to large, seemingly indomitable companies, who wish to trample family values underfoot. Money speaks to CEO’s and their investors. We should use that fact to actively promote family values.

Furthermore, we should desire to use our money wisely. When we have options, why would we want our resources and support to benefit companies that support abortion, homosexual marriage, pornography and the like? This is not to say we can avoid all companies who support immorality without becoming buggy-driving members of the Amish community. However, we can do a lot to effect change in our culture by putting our money where our mouth and heart is.” As Jesus himself said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”