Why I’m Willing to Lose Followers to Confront Abuse in the Church


I lost followers last week because I was using my platform to confront abuse inside the church. 🤔

• The pastor in Indiana who was exposed for exploiting a minor.
• The systemic sexual abuse cover up inside the Southern Baptist denomination.
• The John MacArthur scandal where a pedophile was believed and the victim shunned.
• The victims who are consistently not heard and even PUBLICLY EXCOMMUNICATED and called “jezebels” when they try to be heard.

People want me to talk less about abuse. They get “uncomfortable” and don’t want me to “bring shame upon the name of Christ.”

Public Service Announcement: Christ is shamed through COVERING for abusers, not through EXPOSING them. ​

Jesus’ harshest words were for the spiritual leaders who abused their flocks. Jesus came to set the people of God free from corruption and unjust weights in spiritual leadership.

We cannot stand idly by as our Lord’s name is misused and slandered and His sheep are abused. Protecting ministries is destroying souls. It is not the job of victims to protect the image and reputation of church leaders. Churches have become war zones for abuse victims, instead of the safe havens they should be.

Jesus weeps. 💔 Enough!

That is why I am honored to be speaking twice on this topic in Pennsylvania in coming weeks. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for continuing to support our work! ❤️ Great things are happening!

Most ministries will not confront this crisis of abuse in the church head on — but we will.

This is why we need your support. There are very few voices crying in the wilderness about this epidemic in the nation’s churches, and we need all the help we can get to bring true, honest, bold accountability to professed ministers of God who are using their position of authority to hide and commit heinous sins against their flocks.

Will you partner with us to end this crisis and shine light on the true mission of the Body of Christ?