Why Is Vicks VapoRub Pushing Transgender Adoption?

Vicks VapoRub commercial

Every mother’s favorite cold salve has gone full lunatic left on us all! I haven’t figured out yet what Vicks VapoRub has to do with transgender adoption in India, but I’m sure if I think on it long enough, I can see the connection between a “Male Mom” and mentholated topical ointment. Talk about a total departure from your product to push a radical LGBT agenda!

The ad starts with a “Vicks” logo. So we’re all expecting a cute kid with a cold being boxed in from spring break, and his mom slaps some Vicks on his chest, then he suddenly springs outside and plays with his buddies in slow-motion to a ukulele track. Right?

Not exactly.

Instead, we find ourselves on a bus with a pearly-eyed Indian girl as she walks us through her story. She goes from sad to orphan, to being adopted by a character henceforth referred to as “Mom.” Mom (whose face we have not seen yet) is loving and gentle and perfect in every way. The sights and sounds are abounding with third-world nostalgia, and our senses are thoroughly raptured by the exotic bustle of a classic Indian city. It’s one of the most emotionally engaging, flawless ads I’ve ever seen.

Then there’s a shock to the system! We find ourselves at the long-awaited reveal, where the camera pans out and our every mental muscle tenses in anticipation of what will be the first complete depiction of this heroic Mom’s face.

Wait for it….IT’S A DUDE!!

That’s right, the beautiful protagonist’s heroic “mother” is a square-jawed, plain-as-day man.

The commercial opines, “My civics book says that everyone is entitled to basic rights. Then why is my mom denied them?”

She’s not denied basic rights! Children need to be adopted by mature mothers and fathers capable of caring for them well. A biological male who pretends he is a woman is not fit to adopt a child. He needs counseling and help.

Well, thanks Vicks. I almost spent my money on your product. Now I know to buy some knock-off generic brand of mentholated rub from now on, so that my money goes to support companies that stick to what they do best…selling their products, not selling LGBT political propaganda.

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