Wichita Library Board Debates Whether to Ban Sex Offenders From Children’s Events


Debate has erupted in Wichita, Kansas over whether or not convicted sex offenders should be allowed to participate in Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) events. 

No, really.

Which you’d think would be a  no-brainer decision for the library board but no, it’s 2019 and naturally this has caused controversy and, of course, offended the LGBT community. The proposal comes after several drag queens were exposed as registered sex offenders after already participating in DQSH events (such as this story and this one).

As a result of failing to keep known pedophiles away from children at these events, libraries have been repeatedly forced to apologize, yet these events continue to happen. 

The obvious conclusion would be to simply make a rule prohibiting participation from sex offenders. Right? 

Nothing can be that simple in 21st century America, at least not when feelings are on the line.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Thomas Witt, the director of Equality Kansas, claimed, “It’s clear why they’re checking for sex offenses only: they’re trying to label the LGBT population in this city as sex offenders, which is offensive in and of itself.” 

“These are public presentations in one of the most open and public places in the city of Wichita. I doubt very seriously it’s a venue for predators,” Witt added.

It’s completely ridiculous to argue that the city’s goal here is to label the entire LGBT community as sex offenders.

Could it be that the city is actually concerned about the welfare of innocent children? Apparently, concern for the safety of children is less important than the feelings of a minority segment of the community. The only purpose of this argument is to frame the LGBT community as the victim because, as we well know, the biggest victim gets the most special privileges. This is just another example of how the LGBT community expects society to bend to their will, no matter how impractical, illogical, or dangerous it is.

Furthermore, to scoff at the idea that predators are not an issue worth worrying about simply because the DQSH events take place in the “most open and public places in the city of Wichita” is just blatantly ignorant. The act of sexual abuse may not occur in public, but sexual predators can and absolutely do use public events to find and groom for potential victims. You’d think the fact that several child sex offenders have already been found associated with these events would make that plain, but apparently not.

Unfortunately, the discussion surrounding the proposal to screen DQSH volunteers has been a song and dance around the feelings of the LGBT community rather than a declaration to provide a safe environment for children.

LifeSiteNews reports:

During a board meeting this week, members largely agreed on screening prospective presenters against the registry, but some argued that a conviction shouldn’t be an automatic disqualifier, depending on the circumstances.

Jonathan Winkler argued for allowing the “flexibility to work around” situations where what’s illegal in one state may not be elsewhere, such as consensual, adult same-sex relations (some states still have their old anti-sodomy laws on the books, but they cannot be enforced due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling).

Library director Cynthia Berner, meanwhile, said she opposed letting sex offenders present to children but wanted to leave open the possibility of letting them participate in adults-only conversations.

What nonsense! The fact of the matter is, the conversation in Wichita, and everywhere else, for that matter, should be centered solely on the safety of the children, not pandering to the LGBT community.

Pastor Craig Coffey, who has led the way in presenting the library board with this proposal, said, “Numerous incidents are being reported (nationwide) involving inappropriate contact between drag queen story hour participants and innocent children.” 

He continued, “Those of use opposing these types of ill-advised programming policies are not surprised, as we see this as a natural consequence of the LGBTQ agenda as it is directed toward progressive liberal indoctrination of our children.”

That just about sums it up. The LGBT community is not so much concerned with children’s safety as they are with their indoctrination and grooming. This is something that has been confirmed in so many words by one DQSH organizer, Dylan Pontiff, who has infamously said the events are about the “grooming of the next generation.”

Public school teachers, Sunday school workers, daycare workers, and a variety of other positions that involve working directly with children are all screened. Churches in some states are even required to maintain clearances on all members who are involved in child-related ministries. Why does the LGBT community demand equality and yet not want to be subject to equal screening when it comes to being around children? Makes you wonder. 

The fact that any LGBT advocate would speak against basic precautions to keep sex offenders out of children’s events speaks volumes.

This is exactly why we’re fighting this movement. 


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