Woman Accused of Killing the Man Who Trafficked Her As A Teen Wins Appeal


Chrystul Kizer, who was charged with killing a man who abused and sold her to other men for sex beginning when she was 16 years old, has been granted the opportunity use a state law intended to help victims of sex trafficking who have been accused of a crime related to their abuse.

Last week, a Wisconsin appellate court determined that the 20-year-old Kenosha woman may be able to use what is called the “affirmative defense” to present to the judge or jury evidence that her crime was a “direct result” of being trafficked.

If she successfully presents this case, she could be acquitted of some or all of her charges, which include first-degree intentional homicide carrying a mandatory life sentence.

Prosecutors argue that when Kizer was 17, she planned to kill Randall Phillip Volar III so she could steal his BMW.

They allege that according to text messages, the teen had told a friend she would soon be the owner of a BWM, and that she brought a firearm to his house ahead of time and downloaded a police scanner app just after neighbors heard gunshots coming from Volar’s home the day he was killed in 2018.

Kizer says that she shot Volar when he pinned her to the ground for refusing to have sex with him, The Washington Post explains.

As the Post exposed in 2019, however, prosecutors knew that Volar was sexually abusing girls for years.

Volar was arrested in 2018 on sexual assault charges, including child sexual assault, as the paper reported.

Three months before he was killed, a 15-year-old girl was found fleeing from his home after calling 911 and claiming he had drugged her and was going to kill her.

“Police raided the house and found ‘hundreds’ of child pornography videos and more than 20 ‘home videos’ of Volar abusing girls who appeared to investigators to be as young as 12 years old. While the investigation unfolded, Volar remained free,” according to the Post.

Kizer told the paper that Volar began to pay her for sex when she was 16 and filmed himself abusing her dozens of times. She also said he drove her to hotel rooms where other men paid to abuse her as well.

In June of 2018, Kizer allegedly shot Volar in the head twice, lit his body on fire, and fled in his BMW.

She confessed to the crime two days later, and maintains that it was committed in self-defense.

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