Woman Caught Attacking Elderly Pro-Life Advocate On Video Cleared By Grand Jury


In April, we reported on the horrific attack of 82-year-old pro-life activist Donna Durning, who was shoved to the ground by Janaya Alyce Gregory before the later fled the scene. The incident was captured on camera. 

As a result of the vicious attack by Gregory outside of Kentucky’s only abortion clinic, EMW Women’s Surgical Center, Durning was hospitalized with a broken femur and a cut to her head. She needed surgery and physical rehabilitation for her injuries.

In spite of having clear video evidence of her crimes, a grand jury chose not to indict Gregory for second-degree assault, local news outlet WHAS reports. 

This is an absolute outrage. 

At the time, Durning reported that she was offering Gregory a card for the local crisis pregnancy center when Gregory “charged” at her and pushed her to the ground.

“She turned and looked at me,” Durning recalled in an interview with LifeSiteNews while still bed-ridden in the hospital, “and I gave her a sweet little card. …I said, ‘Honey, this is for you; if you want to talk to somebody, there’s a phone number there.’ She grabbed me by both shoulders and literally threw me to the ground.”

As seen in the heartbreaking video, Gregory simply turns her back on her screaming victim and enters a car which promptly speeds away from the scene.

Shockingly (or perhaps not), Black Lives Matter Louisville had the nerve to celebrate the jury’s decision and even promoted a fund to help pay for Gregory’s legal expenses. 

Check this out tho! This is #DonnaDurning quote before yesterday, June 19th, when a grand jury sought not to indict…

Posted by Black Lives Matter Louisville on Friday, June 21, 2019

“Women like Donna Durning think that it’s adequate to perform violence outside of abortion clinics. They believe that folks seeking services for their reproductive health are disposable and warranted the violence that they perform because of their, protesters, religious views in the name of Christianity,” the post reads, in part.

Seriously?! A woman shoves Durning onto the ground and breaks her femur and somehow Durning is the one advocating for violence outside of abortion clinics?! What color is the sky in their world?

The post went on to refer to the peaceful presence of pro-life advocates offering resources to abortion-minded mothers  “state sanctioned violence; domestic terrorism.” What utter garbage.

The website for Gregory’s legal fund even accuses Durning of staging the fall—because an 82-year-old woman is going to break her own femur just for the fun of it, apparently.

In a scathing report, Life Site News hits back hard against these hypocritical  pro-abortion Black Lives Matter activists:

But Durning was not acting violently, and pro-life activists do not believe that anyone who obtains an abortion is “disposable.” Quite the contrary. It is the abortion industry that carries out violence every single day through dismemberment and heart attack abortions on innocent preborn children. In addition, abortion directly targets Black lives, especially in New York City where more Black children are killed through abortion than are born.

People, we may as well get comfortable with the fact that standing up for the unborn will not earn us any gold stars with the world and the wicked forces at play in it. The world will mock us, hate us, and fight to silence us by any means necessary, but we must press on! 

Why should we hide from violence and harm when there are precious, innocent babies who suffer a far worse fate every single minute? We cannot hide, we will not hide.


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