Video: Woman Frantically Prays Over A Cop Who Had Been Shot Several Times

Terrifying footage filmed by an Estill, South Carolina police officer shows the moment a suspect fleeing on foot withdrew a gun from his jacket and opened fire.


According to The Daily Wire, Officer Quincy Smith was responding on January 1, 2016 to a report about a suspicious person wearing camouflage and snatching groceries from civilians.

When Officer Smith spotted the suspect near the scene, he began to approach him, beckoning, “come here, man. Come here, for a second.”

The man – who The Daily Wire identifies as Malcolm Antwan Orr (now 29) – glanced back at Officer Smith and kept walking.

“Come here,” Officer Smith ordered again. “You better stop.”

As Orr began placing his hand inside his jacket, Officer Smith became more frantic.

“Stop! Stop,” he demanded. “Take your hands out of your pocket! If you don’t stop, I’m gonna tase you. I’m not playing with you. Take your hand out your pocket!”

Orr eventually did remove his hand from inside his jacket, revealing a gun.

He promptly fired eight shots at Officer Smith, who raced back to his patrol car to radio for help, begging, “dispatch, help,” adding, “arms are broken” and, “help me, please.”

Then, in a moment of desperation, Officer Smith uttered, “dispatch, please tell my family I love them.”

In a moment of beauty amid the chaos, a bystander proceeded to rush to Officer Smith’s aide, praying over him until first responders arrived.

“In the name of Jesus, you shall live,” she declared. “In the name of Jesus, you will not die!”

See the full terrifying clip below.

Thankfully, as CBS News reports, that woman’s prayers were answered.

The outlet quotes Solicitor Duffie Stone as stating during Orr’s sentencing this past Wednesday, “if but not for the grace of God and some very good doctors, this would not only have been a murder case but a death penalty case.”

Orr was ultimately sentenced to serve 35 years in prison for his crime – the maximum possible.

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